Sound Geometry of the Human Voice vs Electronic Tones for Sound Therapy

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Sound Geometry of the Human Voice vs Electronic Tones for Sound Therapy

Have you ever wondered why so called Hertz based sound therapy from electronic devices and electrical bio-wellness mats don't last?

They can create an interesting placebo affect, but then your body gets used to it through the process of homeostasis and the symptoms you tried to fix through sound therapy eventually come back. This may be of commercial benefit to the manufacturer and practitioner of the electrical device for repeat business, but if a practitioners clients symptoms keep repeating, are medical and alternative practitioners truly offering authentic sound therapy?

This was a genuine innovative concern when I was researching sound & music therapies based on man-made electricity. In 2010. I altered the electrical harmonics coming into the house of my friend and fellow water researcher Gino Di Serio, founder of the MASTER FAST SYSTEM in Toronto. The result felt like walking into a natural rain forest. The house had a feeling of peaceful wellbeing based on cleaning up the dirty harmonics transmitted into the house via the wiring.

I realized back then that we could change the entire electrical grid to generate coherent harmonics that could possibly help our immune system rather than harm it.

However, I quickly found out that the cost to change the entire infrastructure of the worlds electrical grid and wiring for positive health would never be accepted by the corrupt cartels who monopolize disease by sustaining dirty electricity and EMFs.

Invisible Rainbow -Recommended by Brian T Collins

Electrical grids produce many dissonant out-of-tune harmonics and EMFs, that practitioners who use electronic and electric therapy machines are simply uneducated about.

The analogy is like giving someone pure water for their health, but using dirty oil as a delivery system. If you want to know about the impact of man made electricity and dirty harmonics on our health and wellbeing, I recommend the book "The Invisible Rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg.

When it comes to man-made Hertz based sound frequencies from electronic instruments and apps versus the power of the human acoustic voice used for transformational sound therapy, tones created from man-made electronics will always be left behind.

This happens because an electronic based sine wave does not produce 'natural' overtone partials. A single sine wave is an engineered visualization of a trigonometric function. A sine wave does not produce a natural occurring vibration, although it can artificially vibrate as a projected sound wave out into the environment through the use of man-made amplification.
What you hear as electronic frequency waves from electronic instruments, are the engineered abstract of blending multiple sine waves together to produce a facsimile of multiple overtone partials, much like manufacturing the layers in a lasagna. We call the process fast Fourier transform.

According to how much of that layer is based on simple harmonic integers to the fundamental, (meaning consonant) and inharmonic, (meaning dissonant) will determine the timbre of the wave and whether it's pleasant, (consonant) or unpleasant. (dissonant) The farther the relationship to the fundamental, the more noise or distortion is created.

The concept of harmonic coherence and inharmonic dissonance may confuse many other uneducated authors who convolute and misinterpret terms and definitions between science, physics, music and pseudo-scientific personal belief.

Musical instruments sound different from each other according to the states of harmonics/partials and how close or far, the relation to the integer and prime number content to the fundamental tone.
Simple integer ratios between the harmonics creates beautiful Cymatic curved geometric symmetry, whilst complex harmonic integer ratios create distorted geometry, straight line or broken symmetry. Keep in mind that although there is harmonic math used to create logarithmic spirals in music, not all math can create beautiful sounding music.

Although it is not usually noticeable to the average entertainment musician or member of the public, the difference between digital and analog is an experience that can be individually felt rather than heard.
For example, true audiophiles will dig in and battle that voltage through tubes or analog recording is superior to digital electronic recording due to the missing timbre that acoustic or electrical voltage torsion fields produce. Digital capture uses a process of dithering or capturing thin slices of the harmonic spectrum. Audiophiles will hold that station with polemic vigor and I agree. I once met an audiophile in Toronto called Val that can actually tell you exactly what sound card and DAW interface is used in digital music recordings just by his impeccable ability to consciously listen.

When I was a small child in Scotland, I was always singing and making acoustic harmonic sound effects with my voice. Through my own self realization, I discovered that the formant harmonic overtone partials from my own voice can create the geometric shapes of all the major religions and esoteric/ occult orders. Those symbols are used as sacred geometry to rule over humanity. I was the first to discover this groundbreaking realization; that we can literally sing the creation shapes of God.

The early stone builders knew about the shapes of sound and would hide sound symbols carved into stone. My late friend, fellow composer and Scottish kinsman Stuart Mitchel, stunned the world that the cubes in the esoteric masonry of Rosslyn chapel were actually Cymatic sound patterns that showed sound patterns visible.

Stuart Mitchel showed that the builders knew about the power of sound geometry long before the establishment science invented the arbitrary concept of cycles per second.

Stuart and I met at Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland in 2012 and we both talked in great length about the corruption of the stone builders by the masonic order and the hidden Cymatics of the Jacobite church near Edinburgh.

The ancient art of over-toning for atonement in service to God was slowly phased out in churches in favour of the commercial "entertainment" music based on a closed system of harmonics known as the "Circle Of Fifths."
The harmonic overtone series is the natural universal order of resonance, and the overtone/undertone series is NOT dependent on man made Hertz frequency. In other words, it exists as the same natural series, regardless of what tuning pitch you use to tune music.

There are many frivolous online clickbait frequency scams and new age claims that mislead the public with specific frequency pitches as the 'frequency of the universe' or the claim that modern Hertz values were hidden away in ancient times. This is nothing more than an internet consumer fraud and clickbait scam.
Can I prove using credible third party research that Hertz values could not be known in ancient or medieval times? YES!

Here is a screenshot from well respected third party academic musicologist Leon Crickmore, showing that Hertz frequencies could not have been known in ancient times...


Academia source CLICK HERE

Acoustic strings and bells are a better improvement over electronics for sound therapy and the human voice shows a higher efficacy of harmonic symmetry over them all. 

In the video below, I demonstrate the difference between electronic instruments versus the formants of the human voice. Keep in mind that man was made in the image of God. So God gave us the ability to sing geometry. Using a cymatic geometric application, you can see electronic tones can only create a simple circle which has little impact for authentic sound therapy. Electronic instruments or simple circles of sound creates a placebo effect. This is the true reason why my earlier research on sound is dismissed by polemic trolls of the commercial music establishment & Pharma based commercial medical/science establishment.

Harmonic Vocal Cymatics by Brian T Collins

These are the actual Cymatic images of my own voice as I sing harmonic over-tone formants to create the sound geometry of the major religions & esoteric symbols used in belief systems and occult doctrines. These are powerful symbols that have influenced all cultures and religions since antiquity. Keep in mind that modern musical instruments & song lyrics cannot achieve this as the geometric shape of old English was changed into a new form legalese version of language. Likewise original ancient text was altered and many new bible versions do not contain the same geometric shapes from antiquity which also alters the contextual meaning.

If we lock our voice to only the vowel creation of 'words' within commercial music as message in medium, it breaks the sacred sound symmetry of the harmonic vocal formants. This is why I have been the longest proponent of natural sound for increased efficacy. I fully understand that in the ancient past, sound was used as a means of spiritual realization to the Holly Spirit before it was changed into a mere entertainment medium to transmit messages and alleged authority.
This is why modern words and electronic frequencies are used as black magic sorcery through media persuasion and inversion to change your frame of mind via belief and TV entertainment. Sound as a psychological weapon of limbic resonance, was leveraged as a means of political propaganda from 3500 BCE onwards. I also realized as new and updated versions of the bible was created by commercial bible publishers, the original geometric shapes of the words from scripture was also altered from their original meaning.  

Today, we can observe how TV media and fake news conspiracy drama merchants sway national public opinion and belief through fear mongering and conspiracy content. Word and meanings are becoming inverted under cancel culture. 

Also keep in mind that all sound phenomenon is experienced in your head and nervous system.
Your brain interprets the sensation of tone as an inner experience, it's all internal. The five senses, including your conscious worldview, are literally all in your head.

The conclusion is; although we can achieve a certain level of sound benefit from electronic instruments or alleged sound therapy apps, it's mostly just a modern placebo of the mind and rarely lasts.  Unfortunately most human beings are groomed to believe that an electronic gadget or tech app is superior to the very vibrational nature and acoustic sound geometry from where we evolved under God.

Considering the world the way it is and the loss of the respect of natural ways and organic evolution, it may be a lot more beneficial for us to get into deep nature and sing our harmonic natural voice in resonant sympathy with the environment for our personal relationship with God.


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