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I am Man made in the image of God

For two decades I’ve freely and privately contributed my knowledge, philosophies and opinions to many so called alleged truthers and alt members of freedom groups that want to break away from the laws of man, but then they fall from grace by taking what I share in honor, twisting my words and meaning and then…
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There are no real truth movements, only half-truth movements

I have a hard time subscribing to anyone with a platform who vomits hatred, profanity, disparagement, beration or bigotry towards other people. I don’t allow people like that in my life or in my entertainment.  We all to some degree have suffered systemic social psychological war at all levels. Many people are unaware how social…
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Why is the public mistrusting Doctors?

Here is an interesting topic of the history of doctors which may explain the corruption of that profession and the loss of trust in the public… Before natural herbs, good gut health and wholesome diets were discarded by funders & peddlers of the commercial based science based allopathic Pharma industry, doctors were considered mostly as…
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Powerful Affirmation Secret Revealed

Isn’t it odd that we honour certain “thank you” holidays only once a year? I feel everyday is special and we should honour our ancestors frequently. Can I share a secret? When I perform powerful shamanic work to assist others to heal and clear, I always begin with honouring both my clients ancestors and my own. When…
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