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Consciousness is Not a Computation

Many people make presumptions of proof of things. Science has still not found the origin of consciousness using computations, so demanding proof of things that affect consciousness is a fools errand.

The Mandala World

There are narratives of timelines playing out …there is an all, and all individual fight, to fight the deep root of a blackness that can only win, if you fall into complacency!Each night the dream-time is altered, timelines warping like mandala fields around a magnet. A lotus pattern of electro-magnetic consensus belief, mind-controlled through media…
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Mandelbrot and the Heart of Mathematics

This is an excellent representation of how numbers should be thought as arbiters of scale. Modern math does not teach the importance of 0-9. Instead we count 1-10 in modern math which restricts mental calculation. When placed on a circle 0-9 can demonstrate the contractive conscious states of arbiters of scale… Enjoy