Brian T Collins


Innovative Music made with Heart & Soul...

Custom made music production...

I am an experienced musician, composer and producer of ambient, cinematic soundscapes and popular music for B2B Clients. 

Ambient / Cinematic / Soundscape Music ...

I specialize in innovative music soundscapes for creating atmosphere, ambience and mystique. This is perfect for relaxation, transformation or putting message to medium for high subscriber impact... Let me design a soundscape for your audience so they remember your message & services... 

Voiceover & Podcast Production...

 I have partnered with a professional voiceover actor to give you the best presentation & music branding for your podcast series or presentation. Upgrade your online presence with high energy production and custom music for your target audience... 

Sonic Branding...

The most powerful way to brand your business is with sound. Many people spend a fortune on logos & image design but fall short when it comes to leave a catchy custom music branding that usually large companies think of. Let me design a unique sonic branding for you that will leave your mark in melody in your clients mind... 

Music Production & Recording...

Our country studio offers a peaceful serene environment to produce broadcast quality work with heart & soul. We use high quality gear, the best symphonic software mixed with live intruments so we can blend the best between electronic, cinematic and live instruments.

Coaching with Sound Harmonics

Natural Low Frequency Acoustic Harmonics can reach where Landuage cannot™

Equine Sound Care™

Soothing Harmonic Sound to calm your Horse!

Helping your horse with care and quality.

If you have a horse that has gone through stress or anxiety from prior trauma, injury or even abuse, I may be able to assist. I perform a live session on my custom built harmonic sound instrument which helps your animal to relax and calm down.


 I assist your horse in the following areas of animal coaching:  


* Stressor Management.
* Environemental Change.
* Change of Ownership. 


* Building Trust.
* Grounding and Accepting.
* Confidence near Children.


* Behavior Modification.
* Interaction with Others. 
* Overcoming Fear. 


*  Public Performance.
*  Venue/Arena Presentation.  
*  Overcoming Public Anxiety.

Contact Me

If you have questions about my Innovative Music, Custom taylor made tracks, or inquires about Equine Sound Care, please use the contact form below and I will reach out at my earliest convenience.