Brian T Collins


Equine Sound Care™

Sound Harmonics to calm & sooth your Horse!

Helping your horse with care and quality.

If you have a horse that has gone through stress or anxiety from prior trauma, injury or even abuse, I may be able to assist. I perform a live session on my custom built harmonic sound instrument which helps your animal to relax and calm down.


 I assist your horse in the following areas of animal coaching:  


* Stressor Management.
* Environemental Change.
* Change of Ownership. 


* Building Trust.
* Grounding and Accepting.
* Confidence near Children.


* Behavior Modification.
* Interaction with Others. 
* Overcoming Fear. 


*  Public Performance.
*  Venue/Arena Presentation.  
*  Overcoming Public Anxiety.

Creative Works...

Mindful Music

 Every part of our daily life is bombarded by information and electronic distraction. We rarely get a chance to stop, reflect, relax and realize a better way of living. As a mindful music composer and innovator, I understand the importance of creative music that helps to inspire and empower the individual rather than entertain an audience as a form of distraction from daily life.  
I specialize in creating sublime ambient soundscapes and cinematic music that helps you to attain a deeper Awakened State of Realization for personal transformation and meditation! I create MINDFUL MUSIC for personal use under different tunings than commercial music tuning.
This is effective for relaxation and transformation, meditation, ambient workshop events, spa and holistic environments.

Please click on the Album Cover to listen on my Bandcamp page...

Contact Me

If you have questions about my Mindful Music or inquires about Equine Sound care, please use the contact form below and I will reach out at my earliest convenience.