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I create a unique brand of Innovative Music for B2B clients & general listening.  In 1991 I began a word of mouth campaign to advocate lowering music tuning for beneficial use. This was based on my own experience from suffering tension headaches after long music sessions and gigs. I found when I lowered the music tuning, it would solve my headaches. I saw great benefit in creating music for relaxation and transformation for therapy application.  Keep in mind this has nothing to do with listening to music for entertainment purposes.
In 2006 a study was released to show that lower frequency creates higher sensitivity in nerve signals in the spiral shape of the ear. You can read a physics article HERE.
This suggests that lowering the music tuning pitch creates sensitivity to improve the efficacy of sound therapy applications. Indeed this is not a placebo effect and the spiral shape of the ear is designed to enhance the sensitivity of the listening experience.

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