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Greetings, I would like share my life experience to give you a brief background as to why I became a Composer, Producer, Innovator, Sound designer and also a sound Empowerment Coach.
I was born in Glasgow, Scotland at the Southern General Teaching Hospital. I was delivered in a medical theatre to an audience of medical students who were studying at the hospital. I grew up in a landscape rich with ancient history and mystery.
My love of innovation and music was inspired by my father, who was a lover of jazz music and an engineer at JOHN BROWN marine engineering and shipbuilding firm. My father had one of the rarest collection of vintage jazz recordings in Scotland. As a small child, I used to lay under the kitchenette table, drawn in by the sound of the bass and drums of the old 78 rpm records.

At approximately age 5, I received a head impact injury from being struck by a car on my street. This was the first of a series of near death incidents in my life. After the injury, I suffered post ear infections and I became very sensitive to sound and electromagnetic frequency.
As a boy I used to play in an abandoned castle in DUNURE. I was blessed with traveling at a young age to Europe every summer, where my family would visit many special places and HISTORICAL SITES in France and Spain.

At age nine I experienced a UFO/UAV sighting along with my brother and it inspired a life long interest of science fiction, paranormal phenomenon, exotic technology and love of space art. As a result of watching science fiction and action movies, I was later influenced by composers; Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, Vangelis, John Williams, Ennio Morricone and David Arnold.

My family moved to Canada in 1980 where I was bought a bass guitar for my birthday.
I quickly took to the instrument and I was attracted to the low end of the Bass. It seemed to calm me. My friend at the time used to lower the pitch on recordings to learn RUSH tunes. I recall being attracted to the lower pitch of the songs slightly tuned down. My first gig was playing rush covers in the early 1980's.

On a bicycle tour back in Scotland in 1987, I had an awakened state of realization when I was sitting on a stone apex on a hill just outside the Scottish town of LOCHINVER. I experienced a standing wave phenomenon that caused a life long fascination with sound frequency and ancient standing stones.

My Musical Life and Career

I was active on Bass in the Toronto professional music scene during the 1990's -2009 where I performed rock, pop, jazz and fusion gigs in many venues and also concert stages across Canada and in Great Britain. I also was touring in the indie circuit and was the bassist for the Guelph Ontario Indie band, Box Meat Revolution. During the time with that band and other bands, I opened for some big acts and spent many long nights on the road in a tour bus. After that, I was contracted for booking agencies accompanying corporate tribute acts.
I attended Humber College Music program and I picked up Jazz piano in 2001. I was commissioned by the Toronto Parkdale B.I.A. with student Jazz bands to improve local business in the west end of Toronto.

I became an on-call session musician on bass and keyboards for several studios in the GTA. I taught music part time to private students, and even became a Lesson school manager at one point. However the 9-5 was not for me, so I took a travel gig playing solo jazz piano on the Alaskan / Caribbean cruise ship run in 2008, just for the experience of it. That was a blast and I still keep in contact with former ship bandmates today.

My Travels to Ancient Places

In 2009, I took a 10 year hiatus from music to further explore ancient sites and understand the effects of sound and TELLURIC CURRENTS at sacred places. I am an avid DOWSER , skywatcher, and hobby stone artist.
I have studied megalithic cultures most of my life and I have a deep understanding of my ancient megalithic Scottish/Irish heritage.

I attended constellation retreats in Calgary, Alberta and I researched the morphic resonance field concepts of RUPERT SHELDRAKE. [A biologist and author who has also been disparaged by the commercial science community]
I became interested in researching shamanic practices and harmonic overtoning used in cultural shamanism. I found some interesting correlations to my ancestral Scottish/Irish roots when I was studying sound at ancient places.
As an innovator, I wanted to combine what was working for me so I returned to sound to help calm my own nervous system. I became my own test subject. I then commissioned a luthier to build a custom Harmonic Instrument based on a monochord/tambora shape. It worked very well. I started helping a few friends at first and they were amazed at the outcome.

As a result, I was inspired to refine my method further to help animals and people to release the negative impact of stressors using my instrument. I volunteered during that period between 2014-2018. My study was called Quantum Musicology™

A new hope and direction

My journey gave me a new set of life skills so I decided to branch out and help others as an empowerment coach using the power of sound to reach where language cannot.

I perform a remote high definition live sound stream that can help people release stressors from the comfort of their own home. My brand of coaching with live sound performance is called Harmonic Integration™.
I support the idea of preserving acoustic organic tone for increasing sensitivity by lowering the pitch of the instrument below the musical standard concert pitch.
When I was younger, I found great benefit when I lowered the tuning which stopped my tension headaches and because of that, I campaign for having a separate PRESERVATION TUNING PITCH for antique instruments. I'm an advocate of using lower pitch tunings for increasing the efficacy of conscious listening and live sound performance coaching. I have been promoting the concept of lowering tuning, word of mouth since 1991. I inspired many people worldwide and many of my earlier discoveries were adopted and copied by the European 432 Hz movement.

A research STUDY was released in 2006, based on the spiral shape of the ear that suggests low frequency creates higher sensitivity in nerve signals. Which lends credibility to why I found tension relief when lowering tuning for wellness. I record my own brand of MINDFUL MUSIC under lower tuning for relaxation, transformation and awakened states of realization. I also still compose and record music for commercial clients using the standard music tuning used by most musicians.

Personal life and Philosophy

I currently live on the west coast of the land commonly known as British Columbia. I spend as much time as I can in nature away from big cities. I love hiking the mountains and traversing the waterways and forests. I am passionate about indigenous rights, freedoms and honoring the ancestors that came before us. Keep in mind that I do not support any modern druid, occult, new age or pagan movements.
I spent a great deal of my life researching the esoteric origins of law, hidden history and the ancient ways of the standing stone builders that came before us. I prefer natural surrounds to contemplate on the mysteries of life and I am an advocate for regenerative farming practices.

I feel we have lost our way as a collective to the greater subtle moments of natural reality and if we lose our cultural, artistic and creative expression through art and music, storytelling and individual identity, we may lose our strength of love and integral community to the weakness of evil which blackens the hearts of many unelected leaders, tyrants and slumbering masses that choose self gratification and indifference.
I call out for a great awakening to return to the land and the origins of what makes us individual and unique.

I call out for an emancipation back to the land and everything that makes us whole and healthy again as a species in harmony and strength, unified against those who would steal our ancient birthrights and resources.

I am not a new ager, nor do I support the new age movement. In fact after being targeted by several synarchy new age cults for not subscribing to their pseudo beliefs and fabrications of ancient history, I'm calling out the new age movement. The new age new earth agenda is a mind spell trap that destroys unique individualism and true collective co-operation via the indulgent half truth teachings of spiritual narcissists and false prophets who spread demonic new age synarchist ideologies that give up your power for an unseen unified illuminated occult collective.

I base this view on my direct experience of new age wolves in sheeps clothing who praise you to your face and then rob you blind behind your back. The experience gave me a deeper understanding into the corrupt and evil nature of those who turned their back on God.

Because I help people and animals that cannot get remedy by other means, people call me the "real deal." Some call me a Scottish sound shaman or master sound healer, but I do not self accolade with such titles and consider myself a conscious spiritual realist with a firm understanding of the ancient ways of sound, and sciences.

I deliver Sound to Reach where Language Cannot™ and that is part of my coaching brand of Harmonic Integration™ and Equine Sound Care™

The ancient principals of shamanic sound healing were conquered and destroyed by the corruption of masonic/occult/metaphysics and the commercial based science/establishment system.
As a result of the total frauds and rewrites of history, we lost touch with our ancestors and our rites of passage to allow proper values of integrity to sustain community into the future. Humanity has become a homogenized cash crop for corporate synarchists, sociopaths and psychopaths.
Once big commerce gets involved in any facet of civilization, it inherently becomes corrupt.
In that regards, when you tell truth, the world of corruption and greed declares war upon you. Their disparagements and ad hominem attacks just serves as lawful public evidence to their intent of allegiance to greed based evil satanic forces.

We now live in a time where the modern world is a trap and material comfort has been weaponized to create mass co-dependence to elitist tyranny and technocratic control. If we do not return to nature immediately, become self reliant and clean up our act, we are doomed to be assimilated into a Borg like collective of unified mediocrity with no expression of unique creativity or identity as we merge with the soulless beast of artificial intelligence.

It takes great courage and strength to break the bonds of material codependency; and it's easy to be bad because evil is always weak and the Devil seeks the path of least resistance in you. It takes great courage to stand in truth and seek out the good.
The more people become weak to codependence the more evil they become.
Cowardice breeds evil through deceit and agenda based loyalty to the greed of acquiring material things and possessions. I enjoy just enough to live or travel to new places, but I am not possessed by "Stuff" or seek to lavish myself in material comforts or overindulgence or fame.
It's hard work deprogramming from the matrix of evil and to do so takes a conscious choice to walk away from all that is not serving you to be a better man or woman. The good news is, redemption is but a choice away; to be good rather than bad.
I choose to be as good as I can, not trespass on others, I choose nature, I choose autonomy, I choose to be unique and creative, I choose to live away from the insanity of weaponized comfort and control. What do you choose?

I hope that in sharing a glimpse into my life and journey that you better understand my philosophies and where I draw my creative expression from as I do my best to help others and .

Mindful Music

Thank you for visiting my site, and don't forget to contact me about my services for music production and licensing if you are looking for good quality music for your project.
Lastly, if you or someone you know, is having a hard time dealing with fear or stress these days, my Harmonic Integration™ Method is very effective for stress management coaching and calming nerves.
Just reach out at the contact tab above and I can send more information. I hope that in sharing my life personal experience you get to know me a little more and how I can add value to your life or creative projects.

Best regards,
Brian T Collins

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