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Innovative Musician | Music & Film Production

I create general music for sale in the public domain. That music is licensed under the clause of 'Reasonable Enjoyment' legally defined on this website. For clients who require custom music for commercial ventures, I write music for agricultural associations, farmers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, spas, production houses and music licensing catalogs. I also create stingers for You-tubers and vloggers. A custom music track can add value to your creation and subscriber content.

I have a select group of clients that I work for, mainly in the self-help and personal wellness/ markets. I write, compose and record unique tracks using a blend of electronic samples and acoustic instruments. My unique brand of Innovative Music is licensed under the terms of usage PUBLISHED on this website. My general music is available for reasonable enjoyment.  

If you would like to commission my works for commercial usage, you must purchase a separate license.

There are several tyyes of licenses available and each has different terms of usage. Please read all terms carefully as this is a legal binding contract. I am referred to as the Artist and my trade-name is 'Brian T Collins.'
All licenses are non-exclusive, meaning you are not the exclusive user of the works and [ I ] the Artist can license out the same works to other users or clients.

How you may use a license
Most licenses are granted under a flat rate price and also subscription based, meaning you purchase a license to usage of the works on a per annum basis, for as long as the subscription is paid you are granted a right to usage. The fee covers the usage for one years and is non-refundable.

Ending a subscription license
If you wish to end a subscription you must give the Artist written notice no less than two weeks before the due date of the subscription. Upon end of license of usage you must terminate the usage of the works immediately which ends your right to usage of the works.

Upon termination the user or client is legally bound by law to purge the Artists Works from all associated media and databases both of the user and client or any-other third party who accessed the Works of the Artist. Proof must be given by end of contract in writing and must included the legal names and correct contact information of all parties that obtained usage or access of the Artists Works directly or indirectly by proxy.

Consequences of breaching the usage
Failure to comply to the terms and termination of usage by obfuscation or continuing to use the Works of the Artist after a license has expired or has been canceled by the Artist under his non-consent is considered constructive fraud. You and any-other third party in possession of the Artists Works will be held liable for criminal charges and punitive damages as consequences for breach of usage.

Flat fee rather than subscription
There is also a buyout license for each giving you a non-exclusive right to use the license for a determined amount of time by the Artist. This can save you money in the long run, if you plan to use the Artists Works for a longer predetermined time period.
If you require an exclusive license on any works you must meet certain requirements of the Artist.

There are several types of license available for purchase.

Synchronization License (Sync License)
This type of licensing means music, recordings or any works that will be paired with another form of third party visual media works. A sync license has a broad range of uses, including without limitation, commercials, films, trailers, video usage, streaming on social media platforms. personal films, internal communications and more. There are some restrictions about the usage of the works used in private. Please read the section about perceived association, moral turpitude and private and public usage for more details.

Mechanical License
A mechanical license means any third party usage of distributing the Artists Works by means of tangible forms such as CD's DVD's usage via broadcasting such as record labels, publishers or distributers. A mechanical license is needed by any third party who covers any works of the Artist in whole or part. that includes without limitation adding own lyrics, re-mixing, or altering any part of the original recordings or works that may affect the Artists Works or compositions or integrity either directly or indirectly.

Master license
The master license is held by the owner the composition or recordings or Works, namely the Artist who goes by the name 'Brian T Collins.' The Artist is also the master publisher. The master license grants a limited user a specific right to use a pre-recorded version of a song or composition or creative Works in a visual or audio project. (i.e. to cover or edit a composition) but it does not transfer any rights of the Artist as the master rights holder and publisher to the user. A master license is the foundation license issued in conjunction with a sync license.

Public Performance License
This license grants a limited right to the user to transmit the Artists Music Works in any live events or business that may play the Artists Music Works in their business (i.e. store, public address system or any other forms of live transmission in a public venue) Performing rights organizations such as TUNECORE®, SOCAN®, BMI®, ASCAP® manage and issue music royalties to the artist on a per use basis.

Theatrical License
This License grants a user a limited right to perform the Artists Works on-stage in front of an audience.

Print Rights License
This license grants a limited right for a user or person or publisher to reproduce the Artists works by printing a sheet music copy or compilation of the Artists copyrighted Works or by printing any of the Artists content or intellectual property or Artists trade-name 'Brian T Collins' for commercial consideration or endorsement in any electronic or tangible book or publication. The Artist reserves the right to review any publishers works prior publication release date to maintain the Artists core values and ethics for accuracy of factual information.
It does not grant a commercial interest in any of the Artists rights and any user or person or publisher who publishes the Artists Works or name in any publications must pay a royalty to the Artist for any print of his works and use of trade-name from the beginning date 'ab intio' of the publication to the future in perpetuity.

Endorsement License
This license grants a limited right for a user or person or publisher to reproduce the Artists trade-name 'Brian T Collins' for commercial consideration of endorsement in any product or media or world wide webpage or electronic or tangible book or publication. The Artist reserves the right to review any user or person or publishers works prior to any publication release date to maintain the Artists core values of ethics for accuracy of factual information that represents the integrity of the Artist in any endorsement for the sake of ethical interest.
This license does not grant a user or person or publisher a commercial interest to any of the Artists rights or Intellectual Property or Music Works. Any user or person or publisher who publishes the Artists Music Works, Intellectual Property or trade-name 'Brian T Collins' in any publications must pay a royalty fee to the Artist for any print of his Musical Works and trade-name from the beginning date 'ab intio' of the original publication to the future in perpetuity.
Please reach out to inquire about pricing and info on custom made music

You must legally seek written authorized permission from the Artist to use the Artists Music Works, Intellectual Property or trade-name 'Brian T Collins' in any medium or display on any webpage, social media platform or publication both in electronic and print form throughout the world.
Unauthorized usage or publications using the Artists trade-name or Musical Works for the purpose of unauthorized endorsement to increase world wide web traffic, subscriber content, product sales, unfair commercial market gain or personal gain is against all national and international laws and subject to lawsuit or retroactive royalty fees.

Any usage of the Artists trade-name used for purposes of intentional or unintentional misrepresentation through 'fair usage' news clauses, clickbait or fake news strategies, shadow banning/censoring, disparagements, libel, doxing with intent to publish private and confidential professional and personal information about the Artist, or published here-say speculation with intent to damage the artists name or reputation publicly for purposes of leveraging unfair commercial advantage, subscriber acquisition, is considered consumer fraud and a criminal act against the Artist under all national and international law.

Any action by any third party person user or publisher to intentionally or unintentionally misrepresent, damage, defame or libel the Artists reputation, trade-name, commercial ventures, websites, social media accounts to cause damage to isolate the Artist from his subscriber base or public audience, or to diminish the Artists world wide web traffic by means of ad hominem disparagement, extortion or libel is a legal violation of the Artists personal and commercial business rights. Any such action is deemed as deliberate criminal behavior subject to punitive and commercial damages outlined in the Artists Fee Schedule.

All unauthorized usage of the artists trade-name Music Works or copyright content in full or part in any publication on the worldwide web or in electronic form or in print form is expressly forbidden and subject to punitive damages, legal action and DMCA removal of unauthorized content.
All users or persons or publishers who trespass and violate these terms and conditions agree to be held fully commercially and personally liable to the terms and conditions and the Artists fee schedule by tacit agreement. If you have prior published the Artists trade name without expressed written permission you are subject to the legal terms and conditions herein and notice of fair warning and opportunity to cure has been given.
You must purge and cease and desist all use of the Artists trade-name and Music Works immediately. Failure to do so means legal tacit acceptance of guilt and intent to commit commercial fraud against the Artist and his trade-name 'Brian T Collins.'