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I am Man made in the image of God

For two decades I’ve freely and privately contributed my knowledge, philosophies and opinions to many so called alleged truthers and alt members of freedom groups that want to break away from the laws of man, but then they fall from grace by taking what I share in honor, twisting my words and meaning and then…
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The Crazy New Age Cult of “I AM”

One of the ways to know the vocal code signaling of the Luciferian cult that sprung out of the Blavasky Theosophists that shadow handle the new age movement, is the term ‘I AM’   -Notice the all capital spelling instead of saying an individual ‘I am.’     The Luciferian half-truth occult doctrine of ‘I AM’…
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There are no real truth movements, only half-truth movements

I have a hard time subscribing to anyone with a platform who vomits hatred, profanity, disparagement, beration or bigotry towards other people. I don’t allow people like that in my life or in my entertainment.  We all to some degree have suffered systemic social psychological war at all levels. Many people are unaware how social…
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Why is the public mistrusting Doctors?

Here is an interesting topic of the history of doctors which may explain the corruption of that profession and the loss of trust in the public… Before natural herbs, good gut health and wholesome diets were discarded by funders & peddlers of the commercial based science based allopathic Pharma industry, doctors were considered mostly as…
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Sound Geometry of the Human Voice vs Electronic Tones for Sound Therapy

Have you ever wondered why so called Hertz based sound therapy from electronic devices and electrical bio-wellness mats don’t last? They can create an interesting placebo affect, but then your body gets used to it through the process of homeostasis and the symptoms you tried to fix through sound therapy eventually come back. This may…
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What is the Right Tuning Pitch?

“There is math in music; but not all math makes music.” -Brian T Collins One of the more confusing conflicts of interest that started many years ago regarding music tuning and frequency online is the frivolous concept of a superior tuning pitch over any other musical pitch. This abstract concept of one pitch to rule…
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Consciousness is Not a Computation

Many people make presumptions of proof of things. Science has still not found the origin of consciousness using computations, so demanding proof of things that affect consciousness is a fools errand.

The Mandala World

There are narratives of timelines playing out …there is an all, and all individual fight, to fight the deep root of a blackness that can only win, if you fall into complacency!Each night the dream-time is altered, timelines warping like mandala fields around a magnet. A lotus pattern of electro-magnetic consensus belief, mind-controlled through media…
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