Why is the public mistrusting Doctors?

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Why is the public mistrusting Doctors?

Here is an interesting topic of the history of doctors which may explain the corruption of that profession and the loss of trust in the public...
Before natural herbs, good gut health and wholesome diets were discarded by funders & peddlers of the commercial based science based allopathic Pharma industry, doctors were considered mostly as quacks or traveling snake oil salesmen & physicians.

  It was the Barbers who conducted surgery due to their steady hand with a blade. The blue, white & red stripes on a barbers pole was an indication of a barber surgeon... (the colors came from the Venetian Medici who started the guilds & the united companies of merchants)

Pharmacy comes from the root 'Pharmakeia'  a form of witchcraft by sorcery. Reference link HERE

Today it is illegal to 'cure' under medicine.  All doctors and lawyers have a legal 'practice' of limited liability.

That word-spell of practicing witchcraft was legally designed so the doctor is always 'practicing' his craft, never curing. 

That is why MD's have waivers of liability, that they, and their 'practice' are not liable for any injury or death.  

Don't be afraid of a sorcerer / needle crafter wearing a white butcher coat.
Ask a doctor to sign a contract of 'full liability' and watch the devil inside them squirm & flee...

This third party link below teaches about the Barber Surgeons...