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There are no real truth movements, only half-truth movements

I have a hard time subscribing to anyone with a platform who vomits hatred, profanity, disparagement, beration or bigotry towards other people. I don’t allow people like that in my life or in my entertainment.  We all to some degree have suffered systemic social psychological war at all levels. Many people are unaware how social…
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Powerful Affirmation Secret Revealed

Isn’t it odd that we honour certain “thank you” holidays only once a year? I feel everyday is special and we should honour our ancestors frequently. Can I share a secret? When I perform powerful shamanic work to assist others to heal and clear, I always begin with honouring both my clients ancestors and my own. When…
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What is 432Hz Music?

This published article is copyright 2008-2020@Brian T Collins All rights reserved. Copying this article in whole or part or republishing my intellectual property on any other world wide web domain is  expressly forbidden and is against the law. Can the current international concert pitch of music somehow be improved to create a more resonant and…
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