Powerful Affirmation Secret Revealed

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Powerful Affirmation Secret Revealed

Isn't it odd that we honour certain "thank you" holidays only once a year?
I feel everyday is special and we should honour our ancestors frequently.

Can I share a secret?
When I perform powerful shamanic work to assist others to heal and clear, I always begin with honouring both my clients ancestors and my own. When we thank them, we connect ourselves to all those who came before us. Wow!

Think about that, ask yourself when was the last time you thanked thousands of your ancestors from the distant past?
There is great power in calling in an army of ancestors to watch your back.

I would like to share a powerful framework I created that can
work for honouring parents, ancestors and just about anything.
You can use this framework around whatever affirmation to 10x your
affirmation's power and potential.

We start by connecting ourselves to our land of origin... Say this framework
out loud.
"I stand on the ridge of the valley of my ancestors. I call to the winds of time
to carry my words, I call to my honoured ancestors to bear witness and
support me as I stand and deliver all presents that," ....

Then say your affirmation. Make sure to say the exact framework above
and then create your own affirmation.
If you don't know how, here's a powerful example I created for you..

I choose a new life,
I choose a new me,
I choose happiness,
I choose joy,
I choose love,
I choose friendships,
I choose my tribe,
I choose health,
I choose wealth,
I choose to contribute... etc

I am young again,
I am new again,
I am loved again,
I am beautiful again,
I am confident again,
I am healthy again,
I am energetic again,
I am joyful again,
I am childlike again,
I am grateful again,
I am graceful again,
I am peaceful again,
I am calm again,
I am at one again... etc

I honour my ancestors,
I honour my Mother and Father,
I honour my tribe,
I honour my friends,
I honour my community,
I honour the spirit of the land,
I honour the divine creator... etc

Then close your affirmation with...

"These truths connect me with higher spirit always.
I ask my ancestors to bear witness and support me when times
are tough. I thank you and I return you to your rightful place and I honour
the spirit of the land for supporting me also..."

This releases your ancestors from service and returns them back to the
afterlife. Thanking the land connects you to your environment.
This is a powerful way to manifest your desires and outcomes. The ancients
knew a thing or two about energy and spirit.

I honour you, and I believe in you.