There are no real truth movements, only half-truth movements

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There are no real truth movements, only half-truth movements

I have a hard time subscribing to anyone with a platform who vomits hatred, profanity, disparagement, beration or bigotry towards other people. I don't allow people like that in my life or in my entertainment. 

We all to some degree have suffered systemic social psychological war at all levels. Many people are unaware how social programming has affected us all. TV was always called programming for example. School was never education. It was obedience training. 

Slavery was never abolished, only involuntary slavery was discontinued. People are free to enslave themselves to presumptions, beliefs, contracts and double edged material comforts.

This is why I have always called civilization a war of weaponized comforts and ideologies.

There are those who make niche followings out of division, shaming & blaming, plagiarizing good people and projecting their inner hatred and bitter contempt unto others.

When called out for their actions, they project their own traits and gaslight others to deflect their inward dishonor outwards as a distraction strategy... Much like a psychic vampire running from the blinding light of impartial forensic truth, or a possessed person vomiting putrid profanity when the power of Christ is called to compel them...

Keep in mind truth & freedom has been weaponized and monetized mostly by grifters and fallen ones who take advantage of naive people who consume knowledge without the wisdom &  discernment to know the difference between a real fact and a half-truth.

There is no longer a real truth or freedom unbiased movement as long as people charge money on platforms for such content.
When you have to pay for the truth, you know the content is half-truth.  

You don't see me selling courses on truth or remedies on how to be free from contracted legal obligations.
Instead, I inspire others to free themselves from any half-truth teachings that creates a co-dependence to logical fallacy and division.
I inspire others to independently free themselves from people pleasing, self-destructive behavior, or giving their power away to energy vampires and opportunists who leverage the same old anti-establishment rhetoric to gain popularity and gain in uncertain times.

There are real good people who share impartial truth, but they rarely have the larger reach social platform to sustain a full truth community. Such communities are quickly infiltrated with co-intel, trollers or astroturfers.  -Often guided by occult hidden hands as shadow handlers.
In reality, there is only the popular alternate half-truth movement and the players who compete for subscribers to sell their products and cherry-picked narratives to the irrational, fearful and the undelivered. They sustain conflict for a living by drama merchanting the recent fear porn of the day for subscriber content.

Such creatures can only exist in the half-light of half-truth.  

I have not mentioned one single name to point a self-righteous finger in judgment, but instead I have called out the larger behavior to empower others in public to know how to discern authenticity from insincerity when it comes to joining alleged truth and freedom communities.  

May Christ help you all to discern the difference...