I am Man made in the image of God

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I am Man made in the image of God

For two decades I've freely and privately contributed my knowledge, philosophies and opinions to many so called alleged truthers and alt members of freedom groups that want to break away from the laws of man, but then they fall from grace by taking what I share in honor, twisting my words and meaning and then they attack the laws of man to claim to break away from the laws of man. This is a grievous trespass upon me, upon the laws of man and upon God.

I tell them time and time again those that ask for freedom are not free. Many who think they are free, still submit to the concept of slavery by notice of one over the over. Many in the half-truth movement invert what I share so they can 'stick it to the man' still thinking a magic legal remedy paper or notice of liability from a pseudo-legal remedy rockstar will give them a status of freedom, like the Rudis of Rome.

For many years I searched the earth in vain for men or women that understands that freedom is not granted from man. Unless under force and imprisoned in chains for deliberate acts of violence or harm, man cannot declare to other men they are free, and man cannot declare to other men they are enslaved.  Declaration of one is recognition of the other.
-Man is not free!   You are enslaved to the passage of time, you are enslaved to the consumption of oxygen, water, food and basic needs for survival. Thus man was never free from God or his creation. Nor is man free from the just laws of man that follows Gods law.

Over the years many of your truther celebrities and remedy gurus invested in freedom ideology get upset at me when I point out this age old fallacy of freedom as they sign up online social media members to their freedom sales funnels.
I still get questions about the concepts of freedom and law after all these years.

I shall declare my notice to all by these presents that:

I am man made in the image of God; therefore I am not free from God and not free to "do what thou whilst."  

As I am not free from God so I am not free to do willful harm to man or willful harm to true just law of man that upholds the law of God. 

As I am not free from God I shall follow Gods law as His servant and ambassador and do my best to do no harm while I temporarily visit the earth; I follow Gods law as His servant who is in possession of the body soul and spirit you come to know as the person named Brian T Collins. 

As I am man made in the image of God, I can only be a visitor and servant of God and must honor Gods creation under Gods law upon the earth as His servant and visitor. As Gods servant and visitor I am not a permanent resident of the company of men.

Man can volunteer to be indentured to the laws of man, but not become involuntary indentured to corrupted laws or acts of man. Lost men do not follow Gods law. Man tried to emulate Gods law then became lost and failed to uphold Gods law.

Therefore as I follow Gods law I am above the laws of the lost and corrupt men of the lost world but not above Gods natural laws and moral laws like the golden rule that follow Gods Law. All lost laws and acts of man reflects the fall of man from Gods law & Gods kingdom & creation.

Acts of man that do not uphold Gods law are not laws from God and instead are the unjust laws of lost men whom have fallen from God. 

As I am not free from God as his servant, I am forbidden by God from following unjust laws of lost men and must only follow Gods law and engage only with just laws of man that strictly follow the laws of God through the KJV Bible.  (take as much time you need to understand that)

Because the unjust world is fallen & lost, misery & evil loves company.  Just men can become unjust men as evil loves company.
Sin is a sales funnel of the Devil to create the company of evil.
Sin is the currency of mans lost world and mans lost commercial company based legal system.

In the past I fell from grace & temporarily forgot God's law then unknowingly sinned to fit into a world made of sin due to my ignorance and upbringing in a secular society impressed upon me by others.
I was mislead by the company of lost people of a society that sought to drag me to their level of sinful understanding and I was punished, not by the laws of man but by the laws of God.
I left that society as I no longer keep the company of lost people and do my best as Gods servant to remove lost people from my trust when I am shown they do not repent of their lost wicked and Godless ways and they follow the company of evil instead of the trust of God.

God then gave me reminders as his servant that following lost laws and company of sinful lost men has consequences and following lost causes and lost sinful beliefs accrues a spiritual debt that casts people out of Gods law and trust. Repentance is the first step to Gods trust.
After I received punishment from God and repented the company of the secular and lost new age world I was saved by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
I am a saved sinner and I Trust in God. Gods trust in me is beyond the world.
No law of man or company can trespass on Gods trust in me.

As per Jeremiah 23:30 and Ephesians 4:28,  No man shall covet or steal my works and words of declaration by the living trust that flows through me as Gods servant as Man made in the image of God who is known before you as Brian T Collins.
Gods law and his word of the authentic King James Bible makes my authentic word and declaration so!

Many wicked lost men try to put mans lost law and companies above Gods law and fail. Lost people take the word of God in vain.
-Sooner of later God cuts down those who do not follow Gods law and trust. Let the lost world be and God will sort them out!

So the real question you should seek is who are you?
What do you really want?
What do you really seek to be free from?
What new law or new society do you want to create that's truly free?

There is no such thing as a free society.
Societies of man are company clubs and associations.
Clubs are social constructs of lesser or greater boxes of more company rules or regulations of one man made club versus another.
They still do not follow Gods law, just more rules of mans law as human beings are shuffled from one law society to another company.

Only lost fools and lost sinners pontificate with long tongues that the real road to freedom resides in the private company side of mans law over the public company side of mans law.
As I've said before, taking sides of company sustains the polemic ego of the self for bi-polar people who think they are free to do what thou whilst in the private and appear self-righteous and better than most in the public.

Many of those lost sinner truthers are silver tongued liars and leeches who stole and plagiarized from me and from others who follow Gods Law and the KJV Bible as faithful servants of Gods law.
Such wolves in sheeps clothing point crooked fingers of false entitlement or cherry-pick bible passages in self-righteousness to appear with clean hands in public when they are caught sinning or caught peddling half-truth narratives.

Some mislead lost sinners into polished versions of truth or radical causes to "stick it to the man,"  rather than hold the higher ground of Gods law or parley between conflicting parties. Money and status is usually their sin of iniquity.
The inconsistency between careful crafted public words and private deeds of iniquity demonstrates they are not of Gods law and are lost souls as children of the Devil.
As such, God will strike them down in due time. Mark my words as God before me tells me, that the entire alleged truth/freedom movement is about to fall as each of those Godless lost sinners will be exposed as the broken charlatans, shills, hacks lying grifters and conspiracy scammers that they are.

The half-truths of man became a sales funnel for the secular and new age followers of the anti-Christ, whereas the truth of God stands as word and logos of grammar, reason, logic and rhetoric.
There is no such thing as a truth community, only a collection of half-truthers preaching their own secular version of Gods truth for the online niches of truth & freedom. There is only one truth of God and his word is ever present in the authentic King James Bible.
The other secular rewrites are null and void ab initio.

I have dedicated myself to being a watchman to trumpet out the illogical behavior of irrational fallacy when the secular and lost new age thinking distorts Gods Law.  Lost sinners can be saved however lost souls and the Godless will be swept away.
My penitence as Gods loyal servant is to help others escape the lost world of the new age and find their way to the Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
I can sound that trumpet and call from the mountain in the North, but that's up to you to hear the call of my sounding.

So you have a choice to serve God or serve the Devil through Satan on the left and Lucifer on the right...
Gods law is clearly written within the authentic King James Bible, but it's your freewill choice to understand it, read it cover to cover and not cherry pick when it suits your need to do so, due to satanic new age or secular mindset of self-righteousness.

I am a saved sinner, and I am Man made in the image of God.
I am indentured to the Father as his servant and loyal ambassador of our Lord Jesus Christ as my savior while I visit the earth and walk among the peoples as Gods servant.
The only time I will be free is when I have earned the right by God as his servant to return home to his kingdom beyond the world of man. As Gods servant I am no mans servant before God and my life in Gods service cannot be granted or taken by the laws of man or by the corruption of the lost secular world of the fallen!   

By the Fathers will alone this is so!