What is the Right Tuning Pitch?

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What is the Right Tuning Pitch?

"There is math in music; but not all math makes music." -Brian T Collins

One of the more confusing conflicts of interest that started many years ago regarding music tuning and frequency online is the frivolous concept of a superior tuning pitch over any other musical pitch.
This abstract concept of one pitch to rule them all has created mass confusion in the public domain of "what is the right tuning for me to tune to?" It caused a polar battle of contention between three camps of popular music tuning between A=432 Hz, A=440 Hz and A=444 Hz ...and public confusion was leveraged by deceptive based clickbait marketing funnel myths that only benefits the Spin Doctors of misleading information.

Truth is context based and deception is agenda based.
These days in the trend of inverted truth and cancel culture supported by self-entitled narcissists, brainwashed new agers and big tech socialist agendas, any true information that can empower the individual to make an informed rational choice is under attack through the marxist strategy of projection and inversion. Good is being trolled and gaslighted whilst evil and censorship is accepted by the slumbering masses as the "new normal."

Unfortunately, the subject of music tuning and sensation of tone is very complex and most people don't read past the negative sensation selling of drama merchant headlines used in half-truth agenda based media persuasion. Following half-truth rabbit holes of opinion and gaslighted propaganda is eroding culture and de-platforms the human race.

When it comes to the topic of music and frequency as an intangible medium, it's even harder to discern truth from opinion, mostly because we are talking about a topic that needs to be heard to be experienced; and even then how people consciously listen has been a major point of contention.

Directly comparing a single man made Hertz frequency to another in quantitative comparison does not prove a superior position as different frequencies impact the ear and brain very differently. This scientific fact of logic and reason is deliberately obfuscated by merchants of spin.

It's a fact that you can tune your music to many frequency pitches, not just the three commonly argued over in the online frequency war between A=432 Hz, A=440 Hz and A=444 Hz.
(when I use the musical term 'A' that means the tuning note where to tune the entire pitch register to)
Many people know me as promoting A=432 Hz but I also like other frequencies. My voice for example sits well in the old French standard of A=435 Hz.
My own preservation pitch range is between A=427 Hz to A=438 Hz Range.
I see nothing wrong with the commercial standard and I still use A=440 Hz for commercial recordings and clients however due to certain evil people who have targeted me for knowing higher truth I do not raise my tunings standards higher than A=440 Hz, largely due to the controversy and occult use of A=444 Hz.


Low Frequency and the Spiral Shape of the Ear

For many years I promoted the benefit of lowering tuning for sound healing and meditating largely word of mouth.
This is because I am not interested or invested in bathing in the limelight of leading a movement and becoming a guru or cult leader. A study was Released in 2006 which gave my voice and position credibility. That upset certain agenda based people and new age occultists. From 2006 onwards I became an unwarranted target of contention because I would ask people to choose what felt right for them. That way it took me out of the equation and I could get unbiased qualitative and quantitative data to how frequencies made different people feel.
The third party research study suggested lower frequency creates higher sensitivity in nerve signals which means lower frequency may help you to consciously listen or become sensitive.
When I played on long tours or in studios in my twenties and thirties, I used to suffer tension headaches and that was solved by lowering tuning pitch slightly.
I became my own case study and I found a benefit not just to myself but also animals who don't have an ego or invested interest in the outcome.

In the years between 2014-2018, I conducted my own independent non-evasive private study called Quantum Musicology™ where I volunteered as a sound coach with animals to assist them in releasing stress from trauma and environmental stressors. From the data I collected, I developed a unique system for personal empowerment coaching called Harmonic Integration™ Keep in mind that my live sound streaming coaching is not a sound or medical therapy. Although I use lower frequencies for coaching during performance, I still use standard tuning in A=440 Hz for commercial music clients.
Even today, I constantly get asked the question of "what is the right tuning for me, what are the correct frequencies?" ...and for many years I have maintained that you as an individual must choose what 'feels' right for you. Music and the sensation of tone is purely subjective and relative to your own conscious understanding and realization of reality.


Stick to Proper Definitions

When it comes to researching music and the sensation of tone, we can classify the experience of consciousness into two camps of study; namely the quantitative abstract or reduction of a metric ie. the scientific method or physical material descriptive exoteric method, minus the experience of the observer and the qualitative explanation of experiencing a feeling or sensation of an attribute ie. the metaphysic or esoteric or life experience of the observer.
Mixing these two camps and confusing the interpretation of definitions and musical pedagogy creates a polar argument of conflict that cannot ever be resolved, much like attempting to mix oil and water. An apple, an orange and a pear all produce both different qualitative and quantitative descriptions and sensations both exoteric and esoteric, therefore they cannot ever be compared directly as an absolute conclusion of one being better or superior over the other.
Music and the sensation of tone and comparing them through beliefs, opinions and rhetoric is similar. - A fools foley...


Agenda Based Media Gaslighting

The sensation of tone and the experience of a tone in music is a personal individual journey so there is no such things as a superior pitch of one frequency tuning ruling over another as an absolute. The pursuit of one tuning pitch to rule them all just creates eternal conflict and I say end the war on we, the 432 people!
To argue the position of absolute superiority creates a polar based false dichotomy.

Rhetoric is the art of saying one thing but meaning another. Rhetoric is used as an agenda to bias the public through the use of half truths. The use of masonic/kabbalistic numerology is an occulted pseudo-science and is a deceptive way of confusing the general pubic from interpreting the actual pure mathematic meaning and the metric of a thing or frequency.

This of course upsets the applecart of those who enjoin personal beliefs, new age or occult biblical ideology to frequency metrics to push agendas of musical revolution rather than contextual truth based co-operation of debate, reason and balance. There are two opposing proponents of 432 Hz and 444 Hz who both call for a revolution against the commercial music standard 440 Hz and as I do not agree with their curated narratives and frivolous agendas, I was disparaged by both sides of that controlled opposition frequency psy-op war.
Revolutions always fail. They usually start with the ideology of a cult leader or group being elevated through a narrated doctrine to a position of power. Cults quickly descend into tyranny once cult members try to escape or challenge the mind control of the cult leader. I see both proponents of the new age 432 Hz and 528 Hz movements as a cultists. If you challenge them with forensic fact, they attack your reputation rather than change their misleading narratives.

Revolutions are a doomed political/propaganda model that destroys the environment and leaves the tyrant in temporary control and as history shows, tyrants always fall the hardest.
You can bury and trample context based truth into the ground but sooner rather than later, that seed of truth will burst through all concrete of lies, deception and tyranny.
As many feel alignment to half-truth doctrine, people unconsciously regurgitate pseudo based half-truth opinions of confusing information online which then annexes the misuse and regurgitation of musical terms to ideology to numerology and Hertzian frequency metrics. Part of that disruption strategy mixes different quantitative and qualitative means of A-priori and A-posteriori methods of study.

The loss of freedom to choose what's right for the individual is being attacked and disparaged as the social marxist new normal these days. This will force the hand of human evolution to creative heights and acts of independence. As big tech censors free speech, it's getting harder to keep focus on true impartial fact checking. Everything has it's place and everyone has a right to choose what feels right to them as an individual.

What is the Question?

When we debate or argue about music tuning or frequency, we collectively forgot to consider; What is the nature and foundation of the questions we ask in order to reach a rational and reasonable conclusion?

If we forget to lay the rational cornerstone of focus on the nature of the question, how can we seek a reasonable and rational conclusion and end of hypothesis?
This dichotomy and paradigm or perception exposes the nature of the distraction that keeps people arguing in eternal conflict over the musical debate of "what musical pitch is superior?"
For example:
Many people take harmonic math whole numbers and confuse it with the western way we built musical scales used internationally by all musical instrument makers as a musical standard used for commercial music making.
"When you create, add or subtract Harmonic math number values without a decimal place and re-create them into an engineered modern Hertzian frequency in order to build a frequency based musical scale used for entertainment, they won't be in frequency tune to play music with other people due to the fact that western musical scales of 1200 cents bends a logarithmic spiral into a circle of fifths to close the octave into 12 equal divisions.
The bending of the spiral into a closed circle of fifths produces the decimal place so you can create the semitones equal.

Just Facts...

The western 12ET musical system was an arbitrary settlement between three long debated arguments of musicology, namely the harmonic overtone series, the geometric shape of sound and the mathematic series of numbers. The Hertz based system of cycles per second was a modern invention and it utilized the concept of bending tone into a sound circle of irrational numbers in order to create modern entertainment music through twelve equal semitones: 12 √2.
However nature does not fit into an abstract circle of sound and follows the natural harmonic series which is not dependent on specific Hertz frequency pitches.
The invention of Solfeggio intervals on staves was created by Guido of Arrezo b991-d1033AD in the middle ages and was based on the concept of spacing Just Intonation intervals. Much farther back in antiquity, ancient peoples had no way of measuring modern cycles per second or hertz values in ancient times. Anyone claiming that hertz frequencies were hidden away in ancient times is either willfully ignorant or deliberately misleading the public with consumer fraud.

Ancient peoples understood the concept of using number ratio based on string or pipe length. (ACADEMIC REFERENCE HERE)
Today in modern music the concept of using circles and straight lines are abstracts of the natural harmonic series. Sound travels in spheres or bubbles of compression and rarefactions in a medium.
There has been an area of contention for many years around the new age pseudo misuse of terminology of the concepts of scalars and vectors which has also added confusion to frequency study.
Under the concept of making music, again we must narrow down the nature of what is the question we are asking?
Western Entertainment music scales requires a closed octave in order to overcome the age old Pythagorean comma present in the natural universal harmonic series. Equal temperament was an engineered compromise that divides the octave equally in 12 semitones via the adjustment of the tritone, thus creating equal division of the octave into a circle of 360 degrees of 1200 cents. All music scales are engineered concepts.

Equal temperament is an artificial compromise of the natural harmonic series and therefor an engineered concept not found in nature. It's actually very slightly out of tune. The attitude of academic musical evolution often overlooks the basics of using simple tonal relationships or interest effects of microtonal music in the pursuit of enlightened progress and cerebral intellect of the established commercial industrial standard.
However, this does not mean there is great value in early scales built from simple number ratios or microtonal systems for the purpose of healing, releasing emotional stress, or awakening to spiritual connection. 

Microtonal music is becoming popular in EDM and trance has it's place in the listener tripping or tuning out. Everything has it's place and for me, I follow a path of simple harmony so one can allow ones ear to relax and attain realized states of awareness. My life's work revolves around attaining awakened states of realization rather than seeking enlightenment in the watered down doctrines of occult and new age beliefs.

The cerebral burning of intellect firing out musical jazz bullets at 220 BPM has it's place in the entertainment halls of illuminated distraction but when it comes to healing and releasing stress or emotional trauma, lower pitch and softer amplitude rules the day.
Music should be about balancing dissonance with resolution to consonance, It's why the 12 tone system and church modes were created, moving from bright to dark and back again. Leaving it hanging just creates conflict or dissatisfaction with the outcome.
The farther the relationship to simple harmonic number ratios & geometry, then the sound relationship falls away from simple pleasing consonant harmonics to become complex unpleasant dissonant inharmonics (noise)  Too much noise in a noisy world drowns the individual from valuing their own inner experience in favor of herd consensus as authority over autonomy.
To make music 'sound good' requires a look at the universes natural harmonic overtone series and what that relationship is to our consciousness.

Raising pitch too high creates stiff tension on strings which makes partials inharmonic, also lowering pitch too low creates also inharmonics as partials fall out of consonance. (Pleasing tones) There is a thin spectrum of clarity where we can build or set musical pitch regardless of temperament or intonation.

Both raising and lowering pitch impacts the ear and brain differently thus a direct qualitative polar comparison is a complete false dichotomy. Commercial science based on abstract material descriptions does not allow for the expression of the observer in qualitative means and the sensation of tone is purely subjective and impacts everyone different.

Therefor, there can be no conclusions of absolute superiority of one tone over another. 
I have always maintained throughout my life that in the ancient past music was not a mere form of entertainment and was more for healing, atonement and spiritual connection/realization. I am steadfast in that resolve.

The earliest form of music would have been created from simple harmonic relationships to create drone notes for shamanic works and entrainment into practices or rituals. The first resonant instruments were made of stone. As time progressed and we lost these connections to natural resonance after cataclysm.


According to the late musicologist Leon Crickmore; In the ancient past, there was no such thing as Hertzian values based on the arbitrary modern measurement of the second and ancient peoples used number ratios based on simple relationship to the harmonic series and the geometric.  You can see a screenshot here of the honorable scholarly works of Mr. Crickmore.


Pleasing harmony creates consonance
Yes, you can build exotic scales with any harmonic/math number, but not all math makes the most pleasing sounding intervalic relationships to create sublime music. The evolutionary ear recognizes sonic beauty from the simple consonant relationship between the notes. That relationship also creates organic flowing simple cymatic curved symmetry rather than straight line symmetry that is displayed as geometric straight line are engineered extractions of nature. 
I began researching sound and ancient standing stones from the summer of 1987 onwards and since 1991, I have maintained the steadfast claim that the introduction of straight lines in temple building and extractions of 2D geometric circles as extractions from spherical space has had a colonized or mesmerized effect on the entire collective consciousness of humanity. I realized in 1991 that the music tuning has been raised upwards and
The concept of building straight line temples and pyramids to elevate the egos of rulers has had a negative impact on collective human evolution.
The rise of authority leveraged the mediums of sound, stone and water as a means to change world power around 3500BCE onwards. This was a cornerstone of how simple harmonic ratio was leveraged into a distractive form of musical entertainment to transmit priest ritual and state propaganda from ancient times onwards.  The invention of solfeggio and 12 tone scales further contracted the of connection from spiritual over-toning in to a commercial based entertainment system or artificial circle of sound.

In Ancient China the new emperor would set the tone of the kingdom and that would have a lasting effect over the nation, largely through political ideology and rhetoric rather than tonal pitch.
Does this sound familiar today given the gaslighting and propaganda narratives of cancel culture?
When you search for what frequency is the right frequency for you, the question should be, what is the question to what you seek as the answer?

We cannot receive the answer unless we ask the right questions of critical though within ourselves. 
This is why today there is so much confusion and battles of opinion that took place in the last few thousand years of different esoteric and exoteric institutions arguing which musical pitch system is superior as one frequency ring to rule them all.  We lost our collective ability to search for higher truth and as a result, most people are believers instead of searchers and seekers of truth.

Believers are disbelievers by default and this is when co-operative honest debate fails, whilst disparagements and curated narratives begin. Ad hominem attacks will always be the weapon of losers, grifters and con artists.

As a seeker rather than a believer, I seek balance, truth and organic evolution so that will always upset those who believe in eternal polar conflict rather than peaceful co-operation and truthful innovation.

Lastly I will leave you with a quote from the bible that reflects my dedication to seeking context based truth.

"Test all things; hold fast to that which is good." - Thessalonians 5:21


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