Welcome to my website.
My name is Brian T Collins, I am a mindful music composer & producer of music & innovative intellectual property. I am also a consultant and harmonic sound coach.
I help people and animals cope with body stressors and the energetic impact of emotional drama from insensitive people.
I have studied sound and innovations, performed and written music both for chill relaxation and mindful states of realization. What started off as hobby music online, on my off time as a jazz bass player, turned into an exploration of sound and innovation. I spent time studying sound at ancient sites I have music HERE. My life’s work revolves around the energetic impact of sound and the vibrant environment around us.
For many years, I self funded a campaign to create a separate music tuning pitch standard away from the normal entertainment standard based on research on the ear that suggests low frequency sound is more effective delivery into the nervous system. This suggests an innovative increase of efficacy for sound healing and therapy application due to the low frequency vibrations translate into higher sensitivity nerve signals.
Also a separate lower frequency pitch standard would also serve to preserve old historical instruments that are under danger of warping due to the higher pressure tension that higher pitch commercial vanity tunings demand.
As an innovator of first to market technology, I am well aware of the impact of disruptive innovation, so I seek to create a preservation pitch standard separate from, rather than catastrophically attempt to replace the entertainment standards.
Low frequency sound and music pitched lower than the standard is suggested effective for helping to calm the nervous system and impact of stressors on the body and emotional states of mind. I have seen great results over the years on how effective low frequency is for clearing energetic blockages not just in people but also in animals. Animals can’t lie, they have no ego so they let go of trauma quite quickly.

I use a hi rate live stream harmonic sound performance right to your computer or phone with hi definition sound. This is better quality than the normal internet providers as they squeeze bandwidth to save cost.
I use my own harmonic overtone technique along with a custom built harmonic instrument that would be a modern version of a similar instrument to what would have been used over a thousand years ago for healing and spiritual communion using natural or Just-tones. This helps calm body stressors in the body and mind quickly and effectively.
I invite you to view the work on this website, and if you know someone who has challenges dealing with stress and the emotional impact from insensitive people, please pass this work on.
Read the testimonials on the site and review the work.
Best always,
Brian T Collins

Harmonic Sound Stressor Balance™ Music & Harmonic Sound Coaching has been known to Beneficially Help with: 

  • Stress Management.
  • Deeper Peaceful Rest.
  • Higher Sense of Purpose.
  • Reclaiming Self Love for Setting Boundaries.
  • Calm Nerves and Peace of Mind.
  • Increased Time & Productivity from Less Worry.
  • Awakened State of Mindfulness and Self Realization.
  • Easeful Attainment of Meditative State.
  • Lessen the impact of emotional drama from narcissistic abuse.
  • Balances Hormonal & Endocrine System.
  • Helps to clear Ancestral Epi Genetic Trauma passed down in family generations.
  • Helps with relationship bonding and true intimacy.
  • Clears energy blocks in the mind & body.
  • Balances Chinese meridian system.