Greetings and welcome to my website.
My name is Brian T Collins. I’m a Scottish born innovator, empowerment coach and musician/composer. My life’s work revolves around the energetic impact of sound and frequency on consciousness; and new innovative investigation on the vibrant environment around us…

My vision through innovation and social contribution is to raise awareness of realization through paradigm shifts of perception and empower people by coaching them through catalytic transformation.

I use proprietary methods to guide people, entrepreneurs and business owners to empowered states of realization, self-love, confidence, purpose & leadership.

I offer a live streaming sound performance method called Harmonic Sound Balancing™ to help calm stress and emotional states of mind. This helps to clear emotional blocks of resistance like procrastination, people pleasing, and disempowered states of fear. This is effective for boundary setting, letting go of negative patterns and behaviors and gaining self confidence and fearlessness.
I also offer the general public with MINDFUL MUSIC which is effective for relaxation, meditation and attaining awakened states of realization

As an empowerment catalyst coach, I only work with committed clients who invest in reaching for their goals, personal success and evolutionary growth. I build upon the GROW coaching method to guild people past their fears and resistance that freezes them from realizing their dreams, goals and ambitions.

Healing and personal growth is often ugly and painful. Most people think they want to be healed but would rather be saved, or want someone else to do the work for them. You can never grow from where you are comfortable, you must stretch past resistance in order to reframe your current reality.

It takes commitment to confront one’s own shadow and bravery to face the challenge of resistance to change. I can only take a limited number of clients willing to show up and move through change.

Growth requires stretching and challenging old ways that are worn into our behavior and ways of thinking through belief systems. Negative or self sabotaging beliefs stem from subconscious hidden loyalties to resistive behavior that serves to keep us small to protect us from the world. Fear is a powerful mover and procrastinator. If we are full of good intentions to start our life tomorrow, then tomorrow actually never comes. Fear of the unknown creates a resistance to truly living the life we desire.

A coach is an accountability partner, giving you the boost of confidence you need to launch to empowerment and present action. You can’t what you back in real time and unfortunately hindsight comes usually after we make mistakes.

As an innovative frequency catalyst, I use sound to shake frozen emotional states apart and unlock the potential of human evolution in people and community. Sound is an effective and primal force that was used to move emotional states in ancient cultural practice and shamanism.
I use sound to reach where language cannot. Low frequency sound & music pitch is suggested an effective method for helping calm the nervous system and impact of stressors on the BODY AND EMOTIONAL STATES OF MIND.

My endorsement of low frequency is supported by third party credible RESEARCH ON THE EAR that suggests low frequency translates in the spiral shape of the ear into higher sensitivity nerve signals. This suggests that low pitch is a more effective delivery method of sound vibration into the nervous system for releasing fight or flight response or frozen resistive states of fear.

My own findings and sound innovations are based on my private study of coherent and incoherent frequency zones that impacts bio-life. I studied the impact of sound on plants cycles and water and I use that knowledge and experience to consult privately.

In recent times third party scientists are creating a new paradigm of science discovery that is paving the way for me to innovate and raise the awareness of realization and individual human potential.

I invite you to view and sample the music and empowerment coaching programs on this website. Read the testimonials and review the work. I am always improving new ways to serve people better and more effectively.
Best always,
Brian T Collins

My Live Stream Harmonic Sound Balancer Sessions & Personal Empowerment Coaching has been known to Beneficially Help with: 

  • Stress management.
  • Deeper peaceful rest.
  • Higher sense of purpose.
  • Reclaiming self love and confidence for setting boundaries.
  • Calm nerves and peace of mind.
  • Increased time & productivity from less worry.
  • Awakened State of Mindfulness and self realization.
  • Easeful attainment of meditative states.
  • Lessens the impact of emotional drama from insensitive people or abuse from narcissistic personalities.
  • Helps to balance hormonal & endocrine system.
  • Helps to release ancestral trauma passed down in family generations.
  • Helps with relationship bonding and true intimacy.
  • Assists to clear perceived energy blocks in the mind & body.
  • Assists in balancing Chinese meridian system.
  • Helps to modify negative behavior or subconscious (NLP) programming from fake news media persuasion propaganda.

    Best always,