Innovative Musician | Music & Film Production

Greetings and welcome to my website.
My name is Brian T Collins.
I offer to add value to your projects as a Composer, Innovator and Sound Designer. I write, record and publish music for small business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, marketers, or anyone that needs background music for their broadcast, presentation or media channel.
Games, films, media projects, events, meditation music, e-learning & social media marketing.

Uplifting Inspirational Music for E-Learning,
Cinematic Music for Games, Films, Action Stingers

I also create ambient MINDFUL MUSIC for personal use under a different tuning than commercial music tuning. This is effective for relaxation and transformation, meditation, ambient workshop events, spa and holistic environments.

I also selectively offer high definition live stream coaching sessions for committed private clients in the personal development and coaching niche. My live stream performance brand is called HARMONIC INTEGRATION™

I invite you to view and sample the music on this website.
Read the testimonials and review the work.
To talk about your next project, commission original works or license my discography, Please contact me
Best always,