I work with you one on one, privately and confidential, to guide you as a coach to your desired outcome. We use an online conference platform and you get a recording of your live performance Harmonic Integration™ session to listen to when you get triggered or if you are letting go of old habits that hold you back.

Harmonics steamed from my Therachord™ in a live performance session, can help to calm and relax you to lucid self awakened states of realization. It is effective for empowerment and stress management coaching and I developed a special method for coaching you to self empowerment. This is how a session will unfold:

  • Together we Identify your challenge.
  • Together we calibrate your observer mind to witness your thinking mind.
  • I coach you how to super-sense into your own body using my proprietary Conscious Listening™ Method. (A skill that lasts a lifetime)
  • You set the metric of intent and outcome you would like to attain as a result.
  • You lay down or sit in a safe cosy comfortable quiet place with good quality headphones on. (No Bluetooth)
  • I then start the remote live performance Harmonic Integration™ streaming session where I perform on the instrument in high definition streamed right to the comfort of your own environment. I can stream to a phone, tablet or preferred computer. 
  • During the streaming session, you quickly enter a deeper lucid state of mindfulness on your own accord, where you can consciously listen into the body to release your own stressors.
  • Afterwards we do a post talk to check any triggers or sensations that came up and create action plan moving forward.
  • We set a follow up session if you are needing to go deeper from more severe stress or emotional drama.

1. Calls are held on the Zoom® platform. You receive a Zoom® link via google calendar a day before the session via email. You will also receive a link for the audio portion of the Harmonic Integration™ session shorty before your session.

2. One payment is made you can use the calendar link to set what date works for you between Tuesday 8am-6pm / Wed 9am-3pm or Thursday 8am-4pm PST Pacific time.

3. Each session is recorded, then stored in Dropbox® file storage so you can access the session call and learn from the value of the session.

4. You are required to have a strong internet connection and a good pair of headphones for the Harmonic Integration™ sessions. I can’t state that enough times 

5. You will receive instructions via the mailerlite marketing platform. Please check your spam folder and drag any emails into your primary mail inbox so you can get notifications and emails.

6. Your information and empowerment sessions are strictly private and confidential between us, no third party has access to your confidential information and I certainly never discuss the details of your session with anyone else. I take ethics very seriously and If I feel you trespass on my professional and personal ethics to support you I can cancel or fire you as a client.
7. Never use your recordings of the Harmonic Integration™ sessions for anyone else or to treat, heal, cure, diagnose, mitigate or give medical or mental health advice as a third party.

8. As you can sometimes face your own fears and inner shadow from your own constructive mind during a lucid state, this work is not for anyone who suffers from any form of mental illness or victimhood blaming and I interview potential clients who must sign a waiver before taking a live performance session.

9. If you misrepresent yourself and I find out you are not honest or of clear mind or if you bypass and project your own beliefs or issues onto me, I reserve the right to fire you as my client immediately.

10. If you have a health or mental health condition you must make that clear on the intake form and I Brian T Collins and Harmonic Integration™ and InnerBalance.one reserves the right to refuse service or support and are held harmless/indemnified and not responsible or held liable in any way for any conditions or emotions that may arise from a live performance coaching session.

If we are a good fit and if you are the right client, you can use your session track in various ways in your personal life and please respect the integrity of the work. 

The Harmonic Integration™ performance & recording is the copy-written intellectual property of (me) Brian T Collins, so unfortunately you cannot use your track to sell in commercial applications or use it outside of the intended use without my expressed permission.

But you are free to play it in any of your media players for your own enjoyment and self empowerment. If you want a sync license to commission another track for commercial use, or to use in your own products, presentations or workshops, please contact me and I have special rates available. 

Is Harmonic Integration™ a Therapy?

NO, Harmonic Integration™ is NOT a therapy of any kind nor should it be mistaken or construed as a therapy or treatment for any medical or mental health condition either expressed or implied. As a coach I can help guide you as an accountability partner to reach certain goals or metrics using my toolsets, but I am not here in any capacity as a therapist to talk about your past problems, solve your emotional issues or give you therapeutic advice or treatment. That’s for licensed professionals so If you have a medical condition or mental health issue, please seek a registered therapist.
I may from time to time demonstrate my instrument in a live presentation or workshop setting and I never hold myself out in the capacity of a healer or therapist. Demonstration of my instrument in a live setting performance is for educational and informational purposes only. 

Keep in mind that Harmonic Integration™ is my live performance coaching brand and no other sound healer or practitioner has the legal right to use my branding or intellectual property name Therachord™

Commitment to invest in yourself is required

If you are looking for a quick fix, looking to be saved, looking for a discount, just a fence sitter unsure or just gathering free information, then this is not for you. However if you are tired of remaining where you are in life and you are willing to boldly face your inner shadow in a non-therapy way to assist you to clear out old habits and take action to becoming an evolutionary person, then this may be for you if we are a good fit.

True healing is often raw, scary and uncomfortable. It takes bravery and time to make authentic changes. There’s no such thing as a bandaid solution. Sometimes it’s scary to fact your own inner shadow and I will not tolerate spiritual bypassing, abuse, disparagement or projection in any form. If you cannot take accountability for your own issues, I reserved the right to fire you as a client. That maintains a professional boundary for your and my safety.

Letting go of past resistance means investing in yourself and being committed to doing the work to break the chains of the patterns that hold you back. So you must sit and ask yourself, Are you truly ready to let go of what no longer serves you? if the answer is yes then reach out for a free connection call.

Professional Studio Quality Remote Live Stream

Harmonic Integration booth with Brian's Intstrument

I offer a special high definition live broadcast sound stream technology to help you reach where language cannot!  Most communication providers compress the bandwidth to save money, so you never get a true version of high quality audio streamed over the internet. I bypass internet compression using a direct peer to peer technology to stream a live streaming session right to your phone, tablet or computer. 
That way, you can release life challenges form the comfort of your own home! Since you and I are not responsible for interruptions by internet service providers and their hosting, I record the live stream for you in high definition so you can enjoy your live performance Harmonic Integration™ session track for a lifetime.