Harmonic Overtone Lessons


Before music was created as a system of entertainment and propaganda of church and state from 3500BCE onwards, music and tone was used for spiritual atonement, storytelling and shamanic healing. Harmonic overtones are the fundamental operating system of universal natural resonance, regardless of man made modern pitch called Hertz frequencies. The harmonic overtone series is the basis of all music and resonance regardless of what tuning pitch of music is tuned to. So it makes sense that in releasing stress, energy blockages or emotional trauma passed down in family generations that the harmonic overtones generated naturally by the human voice would be a better catalyst for healing than closed circle of fifth tunings from musical instruments or electronic man made hertz pitches. In fact this was the basis for me creating my Harmonic Integration™ Life Coaching method. The combination of vocal over-toning along with my custom built acoustic Harmonic Instrument I call the TheraChord™ has helped many of my clients to release patterns that other modalities could not. I have had several private students ask if I can share my vocal overtone secrets that I use as a shamanic sound catalyst to help unlock frozen trauma and energy blockages during my Harmonic Integration™ coaching sessions. I am pleased to share my Harmonic Overtoning techniques which helps to enhance the efficacy of sound healing and music therapy. This is perfect for practitioners or sound healers who want to gain a new modality to their sound healing practice or, if you as an individual want to use it in assisting your own healing or health challenge.  Keep in mind that vocal Harmonic Overtoning is not intended to replace functional medicine or intended to treat, diagnose or cure any condition. It can help assist your body to relax and achieve a peaceful state of mind so the natural healing process can begin. It takes a few lessons to grasp the concept of vocal Harmonic Overtoning.  I offer a introductory Masterclass Package of FOUR lessons for $280
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