Harmonic Integration™ Empowerment Coaching


Harmonic Integration™ is a powerful sonic coaching method that I developed since 2014 with a live musical performance sound stream which helps you to gain insight and realization into patterns and behaviors that can keep you frozen with resistance from living the big life you are meant to live.
If you struggle with being seen, heard or valued and you want to move past those challenges to insightful realization of awareness, then I may be able to help.

The body is an evolutionary sensing tool and if shown how, you can access your higher sense to locate resistance stored in your own body. This is an ancient and evolutionary human trait of the nervous system …and you can access that trait using my innovative Harmonic Integration™ Coaching Method. I work with gentle sound harmonics to effectively coach you to locate and remove your own energy blocks, calm body stressors or anxiety and even release emotional conflict stored in the body. As a coach I can’t heal you or save you! Only you can do that, and I can support you in a safe and non invasive manner remotely online with the tools to help you along the way.

Is Harmonic Integration Considered a Sound Healing Therapy?

NO, the Harmonic Integration™ coaching method is not a healing therapy nor should it be mistaken or construed as a therapy or treatment for any medical or mental health conditions either expressed or implied. As a coach I can help guide you as an accountability partner to reach certain goals or metrics using my toolsets, but I am not here in any capacity as a therapist to talk about your past problems, solve your emotional issues or give therapeutic advice or treatment. That’s for licensed professionals so If you have a medical condition or mental health issue, please seek a registered therapist.

I support you with a special high definition live broadcast sound stream technology to help you reach where language cannot!  Most communication providers compress the bandwidth to save money, so you never get a true version of high quality audio streamed over the internet. I bypass internet compression using a direct peer to peer technology to stream a live streaming session right to your phone, tablet or computer. 
That way, you can release life challenges form the comfort of your own home! Since you and I are not responsible for interruptions by internet service providers and their hosting, I record the live stream for you in high definition so you can enjoy your live performance Harmonic Integration™ session track for a lifetime.