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Life is a dream of conscious awareness. And as a dream in metaphor, we are free to experience a freewill choice. We each have an ability to meet the world in a profound and contributive way, it is a choice, it is a life, it is a legacy of birthright!
But sometimes we forget that choice and instead live from restrictive limiting beliefs or patterns that stall us from reaching our dreams and bigness. In the recent past, humanity was a socio-engineered product of global systems that served only a few. We largely existed to sustain a consumptive way of life based on an old world model. Todays consumers are well informed and know what’s up. People en mass are changing professions, going through both personal and professional changes, relationship and financial struggles, challenges with health and on a new front,  searching more for spiritual ways of living.

What choices will you make to live a true and authentic life as a transformative leader and contributor towards a new and peaceful world?

Working with Brian begins with you asking yourself 5 brave questions:

1. Who are you, truly?

2. What is your vision?

3. What results do you expect?

4. What is keeping you stuck from achieving your goals and vision?

5. How much is it really costing you to remain where you are?

These are several core life path questions when considering working with Brian T Collins.

Working with Brian is gentle but sobering. You must be willing work to create the life or business project you want – that is, if you’re ready to work for real change and real challenge to get what you want. If you are prepared to go intensively and boldly forward, then Brian can co-create a tailor made reframe of reality or project to guide you onto your true vision.  Let’s face it, If it was easy that easy to do it alone, you would have done it by now. The true work of a master intutitive is to watch your back and guide you forward past your comfort zone until you achieve your goals.

Brian T Collins is not just a music composer and producer, mentor or coach, He lives as his hereditary ancient Irish druid ancestors did, as a shaman, divine healer, advisor, teacher, catalyst of change, custodian of the mysteries, a transformational leader and global trend setter.

He reframed the musical independent world as an early pioneer behind the global 432Hz music movement, he dedicated close to three decades unlocking the hidden mysteries of ancient sound healing. He brought those mysteries to life through his own proven system of results called Quantum Musicology. This unique premium program improves the quality of life for many. He embodies the ancient wisdoms of sacred space and standing stone construction as a sacred stone artist, he uncovered the path that his ancestors used for sound healing through the ancient megaliths of stone, he tracked down the forgotten sound teachings of eastern philosophy, he learned the hidden pre-history of humanity…Brian went much farther as a pioneer and explorer of new fronteers. He combined new scientific, metaphysic, holistic and intuitive approaches to sound healing music creation and consultation. His self branded niche of “Celestial Meditation” music has helped tens of thousands worldwide improve their quality of life and much much more…

With Brian T Collins as your guide, he brings a unique wisdom and deep intuitive experience unparalleled. If you are ready to move past your limitations, Brian can assist you to anchor your dreams to reality. You must be motivated, you must be willing to do the work, you must be willing to slay your own inner dragons that keep you stuck. It won’t be easy, it will be raw, you must be open to Brian forging your life into the crucible of inner fire so you become who you were meant to be by birthright, an unstoppable transformational leader who can serve the higher light of humanity!   -Your Quest begins here.

Solving Your Big Challenge with Brian T Collins

Clients start with a Breakthrough Session to solve your Big Challenge with Brian. This is your window to revealing your true vision and true potential to anchor your big dream into reality. This is a 40 minute visionary process to determine your desires, goals and pathway to success.

What is that big dream?

Where do you see yourself in one year?

What must you cast aside to make prolific change?

These are direct questions Brian will ask first to lay the foundation cornerstone of your vision and direction forward. Brian will open doors of perception that you may have thought closed, the secret to manifestation is reframing your current mindset. This is a bio-dynamic process you can feel begin to work within you right from the initial consultation call with Brian T Collins.

This is  the first step forward to taking the big leap into your higher self to live the life you always wanted, a master of your own financial economy, healthy lifestyle and lasting legacy.


A limited number of Breakthrough Session Sessions are available each month.  Are you ready to change your life?  To decide if a session is right for you, centre yourself, clear your mind and ask yourself:

Am I really open to looking into what’s been keeping me stuck in life ?

Am I really willing to receive a reframe of reality to push me onto my true life path?

Am I really motivated to change what is not serving me presently?

Am I really ready to create the resilience needed to never give in and never surrender?

Am I really brave enough to invest in myself to improve my quality of life?

Am I really committed to upgrading my quaility of life?

Are you ready to be nurtured with authentic and tailor made support?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then let’s begin with a conversation.

The initial Intuitive Consulting session is where your quest begins. From here, you and Brian will decide which path will best fulfil your true power and potential.



Excellent! Please use the link below to send your session Brian. Keep in mind that there are only a few spots available, and he will reach out to book your session at both your and Brian’s earliest convenience. Your conversations are always private and confidential.


Celestial Music Commissions

Do you need to upgrade your music project with Brian’s famous celestial style of music? If you are an aspiring musician or songwriter, Brian can add a distinctive production value to your project. If you are a coach or meditation vocalist, his music is perfect to accompany you and magnetise your audience for a unique experience of serenity and beauty. Let Brian co-create a  musical masterpiece that adds premium value to your projects..


Quantum Musicology  -Tailor-Made Life Path Music written for You
(Music that uses the law of vibrational attraction to get what you want)

Have you ever heard your musical blueprint key note sequence? Quantum Musicology was created by Brian T Collins based on his lifelong quest to unlock the hidden mysteries of ancient sound healing. Using unique techniques Brian will create a custom Life Path Music track from your personal harmonic musical tones based on your astrology and numberology. This is a 30 minute track you can use in manifesting your reality. You can use it for meditation and stress relief or envisioning your big dream. The Melodies are unique to you and you can use your track in infinite ways for you to get results and you get a month of life coaching to support your transformation…


Your personal search to step into your full authentic self has led you here. When you pray to the universe for change, the universe presents you certain personal challenges to overcome, when you move through your and continue your search, the universe will then present a true master of creation to guide you on your higher path. Let Brian teach you the art of hacking the source codes of reality to transform your life. The REFRAME REALITY 90 DAY PROGRAM is a premium package of services tailor made to suit your exact needs so you get results fast… Business, cash flow, relationships or health, no stone is left unturned until you reframe your reality and get results…


Masters of Destiny 6 Month Program

This is the flagship of premium programs. As you know, there is no magic pill. It takes time to change behaviour and at times of self doubt or fear of failure, that’s when you need support the most. You get full access to Brian T Collins daily through technology which allows you to call him when you need that support the most. He will help you move into that place of Mastery so you become that 6 and 7 figure earner that you always dreamed of. You move through a proven system designed to shape you into the captain of your own financial sovereignty and destiny…


Full Day Deep Dive Intensive  -is an exclusive and comprehensive day with Brian T Collins to reframe reality and anchor your destiny. We work on your business plan, solve cash flow so you can become a master of your own sovereign economy and master your social and sales skills.