Isn’t it odd that we honour certain “thank you” holidays only once a year?
I feel everyday is special and we should honour our ancestors frequently.

Can I share a secret?
When I perform powerful shamanic work to assist others to heal and clear, I always begin with honouring both my clients ancestors and my own. When we thank them, we connect ourselves to all those who came before us. Wow!

Think about that, ask yourself when was the last time you thanked thousands of your ancestors from the distant past?
There is great power in calling in an army of ancestors to watch your back.

I would like to share a powerful framework I created that can
work for honouring parents, ancestors and just about anything.
You can use this framework around whatever affirmation to 10x your
affirmation’s power and potential.

We start by connecting ourselves to our land of origin… Say this framework
out loud.
“I stand on the ridge of the valley of my ancestors. I call to the winds of time
to carry my words, I call to my honoured ancestors to bear witness and
support me as I stand and deliver all presents that,” ….

Then say your affirmation. Make sure to say the exact framework above
and then create your own affirmation.
If you don’t know how, here’s a powerful example I created for you..

I choose a new life,
I choose a new me,
I choose happiness,
I choose joy,
I choose love,
I choose friendships,
I choose my tribe,
I choose health,
I choose wealth,
I choose to contribute… etc

I am young again,
I am new again,
I am loved again,
I am beautiful again,
I am confident again,
I am healthy again,
I am energetic again,
I am joyful again,
I am childlike again,
I am grateful again,
I am graceful again,
I am peaceful again,
I am calm again,
I am at one again… etc

I honour my ancestors,
I honour my Mother and Father,
I honour my tribe,
I honour my friends,
I honour my community,
I honour the spirit of the land,
I honour the divine creator… etc

Then close your affirmation with…

“These truths connect me with higher spirit always.
I ask my ancestors to bear witness and support me when times
are tough. I thank you and I return you to your rightful place and I honour
the spirit of the land for supporting me also…”

This releases your ancestors from service and returns them back to the
afterlife. Thanking the land connects you to your environment.
This is a powerful way to manifest your desires and outcomes. The ancients
knew a thing or two about energy and spirit.

I honour you, and I believe in you.

Till next time 🙂

Brian T Collins

The ancients lived in harmony with nature.

The ancients knew on how to align the buildings of sacred sites according to the stars, planets and movements of the heavens. They built around places of power where the earth created vortexes of telluric energy that could be harnessed for intent and well-being of the communities.

Today we are learning just how far and advanced these ancient prehistoric cultures were under accuracy for charting that heavens and Celestial events. For some time I have been traveling the world connecting to sacred spiritual places of power, and I have been performing clearings and healing in these places for the benefit of all humanity and for individuals that struggle in life.

I find myself sitting on the eve of the equinox on the Mayan Riviera in the coastal town of Playa Del Carmen. A town that is growing and expanding in recent years, but still local enough that you can get an authentic feel of what mayan culture is all about. There are many Mayan ruins surrounding this town and I choose to be here at this time to work with a most powerful vortex known as the harmony portal.


This sacred energy expands and contracts on special times of the year, namely the equinox, and being connected in these places can manifest incredible healing of well-being for others. Twice a year the earth receives equal amounts of sunlight 12 hours and 12 hours  the total being 86,400 seconds or an equal time of 43,200 seconds. There’s that 432 number again. there was something about this number that the ancient knew, and these mathematics that can be reduced to equal 9, a number that has spiritual significance. this number and partials of it reflect the earths journey around the 25,920 orbit of the galaxy. This special number also has significance on special days like the equinox.

I have lived my life embodying the wisdoms of sound healing, celestial music and sacred stones and on my journey, I dedicate myself to spiritual practice combining all three to help people manifest miracles through multi-dimensional healing. I have traveled the world in search of many ancient mysteries and have had the humble grace to meet incredible people who have helped me on that journey.


My intent for this equinox is to play my sacred flute that was built for me by a native american elder sometime ago. This flute is a D note in 432Hz. I find D 144Hz a sacred tone for healing the soul. I have been using this flute at sacred places in celestial ceremony for close to ten years, to activate the energy portals of mother Earth, and heal both individuals and communities. It creates a deep relaxing tone that instantly connects you to earth and even activates the air elementals in the environment as wind starts to build up in the vicinity of the ceremony. I think that if you cannot make it to a sacred site this equinox, that you can tune into me where I will be. I am going to bring harmony through the portal for your well-being so let me bring the sacred site to you.

Send Me to a Sacred Site to Anchor in your Intent or healing

This year I thought I would do something different, very random and spur of the moment. I’m going to ask you to guide me. I’m going to let you decide which sacred site for me to visit on the equinox. I would like you to vote in the poll below.

The two choices for the harmony portal are Tulum or Chichen Itza. Please let your heart guide me to where you want to see  this ceremony performed.


Tulum is on the edge of a sea cliff looking out to the east. This is a popular place on the mayan riviera for those who seek healing and connection with the ancient springs called cenote’s. mineral rich waters that have rejuvenating effects. The temple structure has some secret places that only mayan priests are allowed to access still today. This is one of the most beautiful spots on the earth and the earth energy is great for manifestation. I plan under the right circumstances to hold a retreat in the area this year. The sun rises exactly through the temple on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The Mayans were obsessed with the movements of the heavens and learned to mathematically predict almost every astronomical event.

The Secret of Tulum is the three  windows at the top. They align with a gap in the reef so in daylight, the sky is visible through the windows to guide canoes safely through the reef. At night another set of windows were lit to guide the vessels to the shore. A primitive lighthouse, as it were. Off to the side of El Castillo is the Temple of the Descending God.


One of the most incredible locations of mayan temple sites is the ruins of Chichen Itza. This was a complex that was in use from the period of 600AD-1200 AD. There are numerous earth energy vortexes around this site and even mainstream archeology has noted the unusual incorporation of acoustic standing waves into some of the structures.


At Chichen Itza, on the equinox, the shadow of a snake caused by inverted light triangle’s of the pyramid edge, descends down the steps of the Kukulkan pyramid. Many people fly from all over the world for this day, so there will be a lot of people to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event. I will do my best considering the volume of people at both sites to video the experience for you, whilst I play my sacred 432 native american flute at the appointed time.

Please use your power to manifest my location for the equinox harmony healing ceremony on Monday March 20th 2017

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I feel gratitude for this vote to guide me to the right place for the equinox intent and please contact me if you would like a specific prayer for your healing in the magical mayan portals of manifestation.


Bless you,

Brian T Collins