Have you ever stopped to think about WHY you aren’t getting everything you want out of life? Surely you deserve better, right?
Perhaps you, or someone you know, are going through challenges such as health, career, financial or relationship changes. Big change can cause distraction and overwhelm, and that can lead to stress burnout or flashbacks of the past. Being stressed steals your present time away from work and personal life!

You are not alone!

Stress is the number one cause of lost time and productivity both personal and professional.
Stress related illness costs employers around $300 billion per year in lost profit and health benefits.
Professional working women who have children suffer the most stress according to Gallup Poll. … and they say 8 out of 10 Americans suffer from stressors.
More and more working professionals are turning to meditation as a way to cope with stress according to Harvard Medical …and although meditation is a great way to relax, many professionals and business owners have a hard time getting into a meditative state. learning it can be stressful.


Because, I have to deal with an insensitive world as a sensitive being.
I was struck and run over by a car when I was 5. The knock to my head left me with a deep traumatic stress that affected me for years. I went through all kinds of stressful hardships growing up as a highly sensitive person in the industrial shipping city of Glasgow, Scotland.
I had to find an outlet and I naturally learned to play music. As a musician, I was attracted to the low frequency sound of the Bass. However the high pitch of music tuned to the entertainment standard of A=440Hz, used to give me severe headaches. I then lowered the music frequency pitch below the standard and discovered that solved my tension headaches.

Tuning to lower frequency helped me, and it can help you too.
Scientific research shows that the ear is designed to process low frequency into higher sensitivity nerve signals, and higher frequencies don’t reach the same level of sensitivity in nerve signals.
You see, the whole world has become a melting pot of negativity in recent years. Nasty insensitive people project fear and hatred at others. The rise of narcissistic traumatic abuse has also reached a pandemic.
If that’s not enough to contend with, we are bombarded 24/7 with social media, electronic distractions, high frequencies and EMF’s that affect our ability to cope and consciously listen to our inner thoughts and environment.
View Physics article on ear and low frequency sound, HERE


So to help my own post traumatic stress, I tried many frequencies. Nothing worked effectively for long and although the higher frequencies created an interesting placebo effect, over time they just made my stress worse. So I innovated my own Harmonic Coaching Method that solved my stress by using a custom built low frequency harmonic sound instrument, and my own harmonic over-toning vocal method.
I created this method to heal myself…
It was so effective I started helping friends, then I started helping people and animals who suffer also from emotional stress.


It was so effective I decided to take a coaching course so I could serve people better. I built my unique Harmonic Sound Stressor Balance™ method around the coaching GROW model which means:
2. REALITY (current versus what you want)
4. Will (way forward)
The result was a powerful innovative Stress Management course that is not offered by other professional life coaches who charge thousands of dollars for their coaching services.


LOGISTICS: I work with you one on one, privately and confidential, to guide you to your desired outcome. We use Zoom® conference platform and you get a recording of your session and Harmonic Stress Balancer session to listen to when you get triggered.

  • We Identify your challenge.
  • We calibrate your observer mind to witness your thinking mind.
  • I teach you how to super-sense into the body using my proprietary Conscious Listening™ Method. (A skill that lasts a lifetime)
  • We set the metric of intent and outcome you want as a result.
  • You lay down in a safe cosy comfortable quiet place with good quality headphones on.
  • I then start the remote Harmonic Sound Stress Balance™ session where I perform on the instrument with my unique vocal toning method, streamed live, in high definition right to the comfort of your own environment.
  • You quickly enter a deeper lucid state of mindfulness, where you can consciously listen into the body to release stressors.
  • Afterwards we do a post talk to check any triggers and create action plan moving forward.
  • Set a follow up session if you are needing to go deeper from more severe stress or emotional drama.


  • Assists you to enter a mindful meditative state quickly.
  • Increased feeling of positive mood.
  • Decreased past tense thinking/flashbacks.
  • Tames the flight or flight response.
  • Promotes a calm, more relaxed sense of inner peace.
  • Resilience to external stressors and negative people.
  • Resilience to emotional drama or narcissistic personalities.
  • Gain more time and productivity by less time worrying
  • Deeper peaceful sense of rest.
  • Lowers stress response in the nervous system and endocrine system.
  • Attain a present mindful awareness of reality.



I decided get a short 8 minute remote session tested by a wellness professional / retired nurse who also took sessions, She was kind enough to do the test, just to make sure the efficacy of my innovation could exceed what is available in the market today. The results were amazing after a short 8 minute live stream. A usual Harmonic Sound Stressor Balance™ personal live session is 30 minutes. Can you imagine what can be done in that time! I promised an innovation that could help you quickly, so you can save time i your busy life today!


Consider how much it is costing you to remain where you are, perhaps you are loosing valuable time and money due to stress related off work or perhaps stress has shipwrecked your dreams, or personal plans. Think of the relationships effected by your stress. How much is all that costing you in lost time and productivity? A thousand, ten thousand or a hundred thousand? How much is it costing you your dream life to remain where you are? Can you put a price on lost life opportunities?

I work with you to effectively release what no longer serves you today, and although I can charge a lot more for this premium service like other coaches do, I wanted to keep it available to others, and not just busy entrepreneurs and business owners. I pack a ton of value into each session, which you can see by the reaction and satisfaction of past clients below. If you don’t take a stretch to grow past your comfort zone, how can you expect to change your relationship with stress and live the life you want if you don’t take action.
There’s an old saying, when it comes to good intentions, tomorrow never comes. Those who take action get what they want. It’s an entrepreneurs mindset to see the return of investment and act on what opportunity can bring. Dive in and you won’t regret your decision!


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I am flexible to your needs, so reach out if you need help.

Let’s make the impossible, possible !

…and if your still not convinced or just looking for information, maybe it’s not for you, I don’t want to waste your time and I only work with committed clients, so lastly, check out these people who have transformed their lives with my music and Harmonic Coaching programs.