Harmonic Integration Coaching is an effective way of calming nerves and gaining insight into patterns, behaviors and insightful realizations of key elements that keep us frozen in fear.

Stress and fear of the unknown can impact the immune system!
I use sound to effectively coach how to locate and remove stress related energy blocks.
My passion and mission is to be a catalyst of positive change for leaders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches and consultants.
And if you are not in that category,
I work with authentic committed clients who are willing to own their behavior and take action!
I help clients who invest in their own empowerment in the following transformational ways:

  • Releasing stress, trauma, fear, anxiety and resistance.
  • Trusting your intuition for leadership and better decision making.
  • Self loving & setting boundaries.
  • Finding your true purpose, inner passion and timeless creativity.
  • Reclaiming confidence to stop people pleasing.
  • Releasing emotional wounding passed down in family generations.
  • Becoming a better creator, networker or seller through innovation, authentic conversation & positive language.
  • I'll move mountains for you, but you must be committed to shovel your rubble and to do so, you have to reveal it, then feel it to heal it!
  • ...so catalyst coaching with Harmonic Integration is only for bold action takers and not for the faint of heart and you must be willing to clear your own shadow
  • ...and for those who take the plunge, the return is well worth the investment.Please contact me for pricing on coaching programs and online group courses if you are interested.


LOGISTICS: I work with you one on one, privately and confidential, to guide you to your desired outcome. We use Zoom® conference platform and you get a recording of your session and Harmonic Stress Balancer session to listen to when you get triggered.

  • We Identify your challenge.
  • We calibrate your observer mind to witness your thinking mind.
  • I teach you how to super-sense into the body using my proprietary Conscious Listening™ Method. (A skill that lasts a lifetime)
  • We set the metric of intent and outcome you want as a result.
  • You lay down in a safe cosy comfortable quiet place with good quality headphones on.
  • I then start the remote Harmonic Integration session where I perform on the instrument with my unique vocal toning method, streamed live, in high definition right to the comfort of your own environment.
  • You quickly enter a deeper lucid state of mindfulness, where you can consciously listen into the body to release stressors.
  • Afterwards we do a post talk to check any triggers and create action plan moving forward.
  • Set a follow up session if you are needing to go deeper from more severe stress or emotional drama.


  • Assists you to enter a mindful meditative state quickly.
  • Increased feeling of positive mood.
  • Decreased past tense thinking/flashbacks.
  • Tames the flight or flight response.
  • Promotes a calm, more relaxed sense of inner peace.
  • Resilience to external stressors and negative people.
  • Resilience to emotional drama or narcissistic personalities.
  • Gain more time and productivity by less time worrying
  • Deeper peaceful sense of rest.
  • Lowers stress response in the nervous system and endocrine system.
  • Attain a present mindful awareness of reality.