Harmonic Stress Management™ for Animals

If you have an animal or rescue pet that has gone through stress from prior trauma or abuse, this is perfect for you!

Animals are amazing. They don’t seek to understand what something is, they just respond to low frequency sound healing very quickly.

I offer a remote Harmonic Sound Stressor Balance™ Session for your animal. This is a powerful remote live stream session where I perform my special harmonic instrument and use my unique vocal toning method that helps to release your animals stress or trauma.

This technology and remote live streaming service has been tested for it’s proof of efficacy and works no matter where you are located.


I will send an audio link for the live stream. Make sure to have good internet connection and speakers plugged into your computer or phone. Place your animal near the speaker. Don’t constrain the animal, just allow it to sit near the speaker. When you are ready, I will start the live stream Harmonic Sound Stressor Balance session…

Please use the button to take you to the secure ordering page. Once you have purchased a session, you will be directed to the scheduler for available times.

$97 US single 30 minute session to balance your pets stressors

Any questions, feel free to reach out on my facebook page HERE