Personal Life and Hobbies of Brian T Collins

Greetings dear friend, I am an innovator, empowerment catalyst coach and gifted musician/composer. I use my life experience, talents and innovative mastery of frequency to help transform people, entrepreneurs and business owners to new empowered states of realization, confidence and leadership.

I’m an intellectual property creator of first to market sound healing information and technology. I am considered by many as top in my field of innovative independent research on sound frequency for wellness application.
As an innovator, I have consulted on several new approaches to both the sound and music therapy niches and life coaching frameworks.
I created effective proprietary frequency techniques that moves clients quickly and effectively through resistance and fear of success.
I would like to share about my life story to give you some background on my innovative skills and motivation.

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland at the Southern General Teaching Hospital. I was delivered in a medical theatre to an audience of medical students who were studying at the hospital. I grew up in a magical land of deep history. As a boy I used to play in an abandoned castle in DUNURE. I was blessed with traveling at a young age to Europe every summer, where my family would visit many special places and HISTORICAL SITES in France and Spain.

My love of innovation and music was inspired by my father, who was a lover of jazz music and an engineer at JOHN BROWN marine engineering and shipbuilding firm. My father had one the the rarest collection of vintage jazz recordings in Scotland. I used to lay under the kitchenette table, drawn in by the sound of the bass and drums of the old 78 rpm records.

At age 5, I received a head impact injury from being struck by a car on my street. This was the first of a series of near death incidents in my life. After the injury, I suffered post ear infections, hypersensitivity, and I was sensitive to sound and frequency. I developed a rare condition called ACQUIRED SAVANT SYNDROME. I acquired a natural ability to play several musical instruments and currently I can play 7 musical instruments, all self taught.

At age nine I experienced a UFO sighting with my brother and it fired a life long interest of science fiction and love of space art.

My family moved to Canada in 1980 where I was bought a bass guitar for my birthday. I quickly took to the instrument and I was attracted to the low end of the Bass. It seemed to calm me.
My friend at the time used to lower the pitch on recordings to learn RUSH tunes, and I remember being attracted to the lower pitch of the songs slightly tuned down.

On a bicycle tour in Scotland in 1987, I had an awakened state of realization when I was sitting on a stone apex on a hill just outside the Scottish town of LOCHINVER. I experienced a standing wave phenomenon that caused a life long fascination with frequency and ancient standing stones.

I was compelled to study sound at ancient sites. I studied the effects of frequency on water systems, studied cultural shamanic practices of sound healing and investigated the alternative pseudo realm of metaphysics, esoteric symbology, paranormal & psychic phenomenon.

As loves of interest, I am an avid dowser, skywatcher, musician and stone artist. I create small to medium sized SACRED STONE CIRCLES and stone sculptures similar to ancient standing stone circles in Britain and Europe.

An innovative personal hobby of mine is to raise collective awareness by endorsing a separate preservation tuning pitch standard between A=427Hz – A=438Hz. This preservation range is lower than the normal entertainment de facto music pitch standard A=440Hz. One particular frequency I studied was 432Hz.

For many years I have endorsed A=432Hz as a fundamental coherent, concordant pitch for increased efficacy in sound and music therapy.
I endorse low frequency sound & music pitch as an effective method for helping calm the nervous system and impact of stressors on the BODY AND EMOTIONAL STATES OF MIND.

432Hz has been studied to be a coherent life sustaining frequency according to RESEARCH ON COHERENT & INCOHERENT FREQUENCIES.

My endorsement of 432Hz is supported by third party credible RESEARCH ON THE SPIRAL SHAPE OF THE EAR suggests that low frequency sound translates in the spiral canal of the ear into higher sensitivity nerve signals. This suggests that low pitch is a more effective delivery method of sound vibration into the nervous system than higher pitch.

Simple reason and logic dictates that having a separate preservation standard for use in coaching, meditation music, sound healing and music therapy serves to minimize the disruptive innovative impact on the current entertainment based music industry.
The music industry is a multi billion dollar economy and multiple supply chains rely on many established niche markets.

It seems logical and practical that having a separate preservation standard of tuning different than industry standards is of beneficial importance to maintaining and innovating the economy of arts and entertainment. This ethical and peaceful strategy offers minimal disruption on existing markets and labels, whilst enshrining the efficacy on sound healing and independent artists and niche markets that rely on online fan based sales and crowd funding to make a living.

It enshrines a persons human universal legal rights under Article 7 of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS to enjoy music in alternate pitches other than the entertainment industry standards, free from discrimination, censorship or disparagement!

A separate lower frequency pitch standard would also serve effective long term strategy to preserve old delicate organic glued historical instruments that are under danger of warping due to the higher pressure tension that higher brighter pitched commercial entertainment tunings demand.

For increased efficacy of coaching and sound/music therapy application, low frequency sound & music pitch is suggested an effective method for helping to calm the nervous system and impact of stressors on the BODY AND EMOTIONAL STATES OF MIND.

For these reasons, I endorse frequencies under a new preservation range of 427Hz – 438Hz. I personally choose A4=432Hz as my preservation choice of standard for sound healing and music therapy!